Jamie Oliver’s little boy just released his first cooking video

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Jools and Jamie Oliver’s son Buddy is a chip off the old block, it would seem!

“It’s me. Buddy Oliver!”

Last week the popular celebrity chef uploaded a video titled How to Make Scrambled Eggs | Buddy Oliver and it depicts exactly what you’d expect – young Buddy making scrambled eggs.

What you might not expect is the confidence and skill the now nine-year-old displays as he whips up a serve of the breakfast dish he often makes for his older sisters.

“Hi guys, it’s me, Buddy Oliver, and today I am going to show you how to make scrambled eggs,” Buddy begins.

He goes on to cut a perfect slice of bread out of a loaf of sourdough (no mean feat!) advising viewers to “use the length of the knife and keep it nice and straight.”

Honestly, his knife skills are way better than most grown-ups.

Swirl that butter!

He pops the toast on and moves on to making the eggs, cracking them into a bowl.

“Dad taught me a trick on how to get the shell out, just use another piece of the shell,” Buddy says to camera, providing another helpful pro tip.

“My pan’s nice and hot and I’m just going to add a little knob of butter. I’m just swirling the butter around the pan,” he says, doing just that.

He then pours the eggs into the pan and advises viewers on how to make sure their eggs are not dry or too wet.

“You want it to be silky, but you don’t want to undercook it so it’s too soggy,” he instructs.

“There you go. This is my perfect scrambled eggs,” Buddy sums up. “And don’t forget if you like this video, you can subscribe. Now I’m going to give this to dad.”

More Buddy please!

People on YouTube loved this clip – and many also felt a bit inadequate. Some thought Jamie should watch his back!

“Why is an eight year old better than me at cutting bread?” one wrote.

“He’s got a brilliant camera presence … not even slightly nervous,” someone else commented.

“Good on you, mate! Waiting for your next recipe already,” another fan wrote encouragingly.

“Oh my gosh, I laughed when Buddy popped the toast out of the toaster, what mad skills he has, just like his dad,” one commenter observed.


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