Helpline Relationships: Rowdy neighbours, sleeping in separate beds and more

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This is our final Helpline Relationships episode with psychologist Kirsty Levin from The Parents Village.

Life changes after you have kids, and those changes can have an impact on the relationships around you. Kirsty helps parents and carers navigate the challenges that can arise once you start your own family.

In this episode she talks about:

  • Finding a way through the tense first few months of parenting
  • When your kids want to play with the neighbours, but their home is rowdy and unsupervised
  • Raising sons to be helpful when their dad isn’t very helpful at all
  • How to support a best friend in an unhappy marriage
  • How to connect with other mums when you’re feeling lonely
  • Finding intimacy when you don’t share a bed

Listen to Kirsty Levin on Feed Play Love:

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It's time for Helpline Relationships with psychologist Kirsty Levin from The Parents Village, as Chris Minogue goes on holiday for one more week. Navigating relationships after kids is not easy – so Kirsty is here to provide that little bit of extra support. Whether you're experiencing intimacy issues, or a sleepy partner who won’t lend a hand with the little ones… get in touch by commenting below!

Posted by Babyology on Thursday, September 19, 2019

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