Jacinda Ardern proves she’s a legend again, as she helps out a flustered mum

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Everybody loves New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern – and she keeps giving us reasons to love her a little more.

World’s best PM

Jacinda’s compassionate and decisive response to the horrific Christchurch terror attack has rewritten the playbook on inspired leadership. This week the PM proved yet again that empathy and community are first considerations for her, even when the world’s eyes are not focused on her.

When an NZ mum hit the checkout – with two kids in tow – to pay for her shopping at an Auckland grocery store, after a bit of fishing about in her bag she quickly realised she’d left her wallet at home. 

Luckily the most decent and popular Prime Minister in the western world was in line behind her, and the mum took to Facebook to share what happened next.

“Just when you think Jacinda Ardern couldn’t get any more lovely, low key and authentic,” the wallet-less mum wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post.

“She goes and pays for your groceries at the supermarket, because you’ve got your shopping, have two kids with you and are about to put it all back as you forgot your wallet.”

“Because she was a mum”

Trying to confirm the story – which by this stage was starting to go viral – a journalist quizzed the NZ PM on the encounter during a press conference on Thursday.

When asked whether she had paid for the woman’s groceries, she said, “Yes,” The Age reports. 

“When asked why, she replied, ‘Because she was a mum’,” The Age says.

The mum was shopping at a store called Countdown in Ponsonby when Jacinda stepped up to save the day. And while she was equal parts gobsmacked and grateful, she says her two kiddos had a different response.

“All they cared about was how silly mummy was forgetting her wallet. Totally lost on them,” the mum admits.

Jacinda has so much form when it comes to caring for families and kids. For instance, she surveyed her country’s children to find out what their concerns for the future were.

And she’s continually encouraging young people to reach for their dreams …

Honestly? We could not love her more. #JacindaForLeaderOfTheEntireWorld 


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