Is this baby settling trick so crazy it could just work? You be the judge!

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You know you have fallen to new levels of new-parent exhaustion when you start trawling Reddit threads looking for a little bit of help with your unsettled baby.

You’ve tried all the sensible options already – the rocking, the patting, the shushing, the walking the block at 2am – yet your little munchkin still has her eyes wide open and it’s party town at your place. 

Hence the trawling of Reddit. And a quick click, click, click through to the very promising thread titled ‘Make baby stop crying almost instantly?’

Could this be the answer to your dreams (if only you got the chance to dream!)?

The magic trick

“Yesterday we had my daughter’s 100 days celebration (japanese custom) and when she started crying, my SIL asked me if i knew that a certain piano shop commercial was famous for stopping babies’ cries.

“She searched for it on youtube and yes, baby stopped crying. We tried it 3 or 4 times during the afternoon when she got fussy, it worked everytime.” u/victoria.sama wrote on Reddit.

“Today, after a smily morning, she started to scream-cry inconsolably. She was fed, burped, changed, but wouldn’t stop. I remembered the song and tried it as a last resort…  after a minute of listening, she stopped crying!

“I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or if the song is magical for babies, but i thought i would share, if i can help at least one other person. 14mn loop of the commercial:

“Note that even if baby stops crying, i don’t know what will happen to your sanity after you go through numerous loops of that cm. Japanese commercials are on a whole other level .. “

Watch and learn, people

The first thing you need to know is that this is a Japanese ad for pianos (we think!) and this rather arresting ad is on a loop for 15 whole minutes. While it may soothe your baby in miraculous ways that we will never understand, it may just melt the adult brain as well! 

Just take a minute to watch it here and you’ll know exactly what we mean. But if it settles your baby, surely it’s worth a few brain cells, right?

More magic videos to add to the collection

There was loads of enthusiasm for trying the video amongst Reddit commenters, with some adding their own go-to magic baby sleep videos into the mix. 

So if Japanese piano commercials are just not your thing, you could try some of these tried-and-true options instead:


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