Is Hilary Duff’s dirty nappy prank a little bit … gross?

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Hilary Duff is now mum to two gorgeous kiddos and she’s revealing more and more about how mum life plays out at her place.

Welcoming Baby Banks

Hilary and Matthew Koma’s baby girl Banks Violet Bair was born at home back in October, and the couple have been sharing adorable glimpses at their new life as a family of four – Hilary’s also mum to six-year-old Luca – ever since.

Hil’s hit the ground running as a mum-of-two, as many second-time mothers necessarily do, slotting back into her busy life and popping up at various events.

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Dreamy little Squish

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When asked about how it felt to have baby Banks join the family ranks, Hilary said it was an adjustment.

“Well … Everything has been flipped upside down,” Hilary told People Magazine at a recent Disney store event. 

That upside down has involved a crash course in the relentless needs of a fresh and very hungry baby … and lots of squishy cuddles.

“Everyone in the household is obsessed with her, but you forget the demands of a newborn! It’s nonstop, and there basically can never be enough hands, but if they’re nursing, all a baby ever needs is her mom! 

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Sorry not sorry

Hilary says Luca has adapted to being a big brother remarkably seamlessly and sounds understandably proud of his efforts.

“Honestly, I thought it was going to be a huge adjustment, but he kind of acts like she’s always been here. It’s really sweet!” she revealed. 

“One of his favourite things is skin-to-skin before bath time, and he loves to pinch her cheeks — which is funny because he hated when anyone did that to him. I think he finds her edible.”

Hilary’s cheekily adopted a new prank now that there’s a newborn in the house … although we’re not sure that Luca’s fully in on the gag!

“My favourite thing to do with him … [is] chase him around with dirty diapers,” she admitted.

We are SHOOK … And also may have wielded the same stinky weapon at some point in our parenting journey. #SorryNotSorry 

Now please enjoy a cute photo of this delightful gang …

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Banks … you gotta try harder

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