If you still have your childhood Polly Pockets, you’re sitting on a gold mine!

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Retirement fund alert, everybody! Were you one of the first lucky kiddos to play with classic kids’ toy, Polly Pocket? Perhaps you still have them tucked away in your parents’ garage, even? Maybe? Yes?


The good news is that these cute compacts and play sets, featuring teeny-tiny characters and fun places for them to play, have appreciated wildly.

Some original Polly Pocket toys are now highly collectable, with many selling for hundreds of dollars per set, on eBay! Imagine that.

Let us show you what we mean …

Original Polly PocketVintage Polly Pocket toy

Vintage Polly Pocket “Fairy Light Wonderland” with 3 original dolls, circa 1998 (above)

This little baby sold for $85 and features a cute little playground inside, complete with miniature Ferris wheel and merry-go-round. It was sold by the very Polly eBay seller, sandrab4523.

Original Polly Pocket

This complete, still-in-box 1990 Polly Pocket Pyjama Party Dressing Table (above) scored eBay seller pollypocketpalace guess how much? Go on, guess! $900! Wow. 

Original Polly Pocket

This 1995 Polly’s Show Time Theatre Star Locket (above) with one original doll? Good things come in small packages because this sold for $150. It was listed by eBay seller gobstopper2013.

Original Polly Pocket Original Polly Pocket

Remember these?! So this 1995 Polly’s Secret Diary (above) still has its original doll and is fully functional and complete. It scored gobstopper2013 $200 which is not quite $900, but still pretty amazing considering it’s been played with and is out of its original packaging.

Polly Pocket 101

The Today website pointed us over to this very helpful Polly Pocket Buyer’s Guide (which is also useful for sellers). It tells us that in the 10 short years manufacturer Bluebird made Polly Pocket toys, they released over 350 different sets. In short, there are plenty to hunt down, which makes some Pollys very much sought after by their collectors.

Even the loose tiny hinged Polly Pocket dolls are selling for between $10 and $25 each. Just for one teeny doll! Click over to eBay to see more Polly listings like the ones above.

While Bluebird made Polly Pockets between 1989 and 1998, toy company Mattel took over after that. Not only did Mattel remove Polly’s magical and practical hinged torso, they made Polly BIGGER. Gasp.

This means that the (superior) Bluebird-made Pollys are generally more coveted than the Mattel-made sets. Good to note, right?

To recap – complete toys with hinged Pollys – made between 1989 and 1998 – are the biz, but any vintage Bluebird-made Polly you find at the op shop or at a Garage Sale is totally worth snapping up.



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