“I love you, Mummy”: 6 funny (and kinda gross) ways kids show us their love

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Mummy and Daddy. My two favourite people!

Gosh. I love, love, LOVE you guys, like with all my fast-beating heart. And while I can’t say it yet, I can SHOW you.

Here are 6 times I say ‘I love you’ in my own special  (and sometimes, kinda gross) way:

1. Giving you my slobber

When I hand you my drooled on, licked-to-the-point-of-crumbling rusk, I am being kind! I am enjoying it so much, that I want you to enjoy it as well. But only you, because I love you.

The same goes for a sip of my backwashed drink, or a lick of my dripping-with-saliva lollipop.

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Messy toddler smiling


2. Vomiting on you

When I curl up on you all hot and clingy, you always know what’s coming. You optimistically place a vomit bowl nearby in the hope that you will catch it in time, but you are my safe place. So it’s your shoulder or tummy that I want to do it on, because I feel so close to you.

Guys, there is no one I would rather regurgitate my Vegemite sandwich on than you.

See? I LOVE you!

3. Demanding you do stuff for me

Sometimes I only want you, Mummy, to change my nappy, clip me into my car seat or cuddle me to sleep. Then other times, Daddy, you are the flavour of the month!

When I favour one of you for a time, it’s just because I am giving you a ‘turn’ at being my personal slave. I want to show you that I need and love you the same.

You are equal in my heart.

4. Treating you like a jumping castle

I am learning how to show affection. While cuddles and kisses are nice, I also like to enthusiastically rumble with you, jump on top of you when you least expect it and well, accidentally hurt you.

This is MY ‘love language’!

5. Giving you my boogers

When I pick a goobie from my nose and roll it into a little ball, like play dough, I don’t want to just flick it away!

No, it’s my snot and it’s a part of ME! And so I give it to you like a prized present.

I am sure you will keep it.

6. Sleeping on you

I like to think of us as one body.

When I fall asleep on you on the couch, so you can’t move to make a cup of tea or get up to wee, it’s because I love feeling a part of you.

Likewise, when I seek you out in my sleep at night (when you let me hop into your bed – best!), this is because I just need to feel you and enjoy our connection. But yes, this also means I breathe on you, kick you right as you’ve finally drifted off, twist and turn and basically disrupt your sleep as I peacefully enjoy mine.

Love, it’s just all love!



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