Dear Daddy, This is why I only want you right now

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Daddy, Daddy! Where are you? 

Oh there you are, trying to eat your breakfast in peace. Great! I really want to sit on you, so I will put my arms up and whine at you until you pick me up. I know it will work too – you can’t resist me, especially when I am wearing my fave pyjamas and have bed head.

Thanks Daddy. I really like being on your lap – it’s bigger than Mummy’s and I’m so high! Now, can you please share your Weet-Bix with me? I know I just ate mine but taking it in turns to eat a spoonful of yours is fun!

I love doing things with you, even if it’s just gobbling your breakfast. But for some reason I especially like this today. So I think I will be stuck to you all day and have you do everything for me.

You see, I just want you, and here’s why.

I have Daddy glue

When I feel like being stuck to you, what I mean is I really just want to be glued to you. Like when I make paper mache at kindy, only I am the paper and you are the balloon.

I want to feel like you are my arms and legs and I don’t want you to ever put me down. Not even when you need to go to the toilet or to get dressed. 

I’ve missed you

I don’t know why I have Daddy glue today. Sometimes I only want Mummy, but I don’t even know where she is right now. I will not lose sight of you today though.

Because I think I’ve missed you, Daddy.  

When you leave in the morning before I have even woken up, I look for you. Then when I don’t see you, I know that you’ve gone to that work place. But today, you are here! When I woke up, you lifted me out of my bed and I was so happy to see you. Yay, it’s Daddy day! That means I have you All DAY.

And now I don’t want to let you go.

I just want you

Daddy, I have a soggy nappy, but I don’t want Mummy to change me. So I’ll get you to do it by whingeing, “No, Daddy do it” over and over until Mummy sighs and smiles at you.

Then after my nappy, I want you to dress me. It’s just us. I love us. I will sit on the floor as you put my favourite George from Peppa Pig t-shirt on me and giggle at your silly jokes. You are so funny, Daddy! 

I can hear Mummy and my brother in the bathroom brushing their teeth, but I want to stay here in my room with you.

I am claiming you

I don’t want to share you today. I want to say, “Mine!” like I do when a friend touches my favourite digger toy.

Now you are saying I need to go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. Well, I will only if you carry me there. That way we are still together.

You do it

I also want you to be the one to put on my shoes, to buckle me into my car seat and lift me out at the other end, you to wipe the babycino off my face, you to carry me on your shoulders to the playground, you to push me on the swings, you to give me a drink of water, you to build a train track for me when we get home, you to spoon feed me my dinner (even though I can feed myself), you to bath me, dry me  and cuddle me in my dinosaur pj’s ready for bed.

And Daddy, I want to fall asleep on your chest in the middle of YOU reading me Where Is The Green Sheep?

Father reading a book with toddler girl - feature

I know you are tired

I love sleeping in your big bed and listening to you snore next to me. I know you get extra tired when I have Daddy glue, but I won’t have it forever. 

For now, let’s just both enjoy being stuck together. It’s nice!

Oh and don’t worry, I will give you a break tomorrow. I’ve really missed Mummy today.

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