How did we not know that Princess Charlotte looks EXACTLY like Princess Diana?

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News just in! Charlotte looks a lot more like her grandmother, the late Princess Diana than she does the Queen and frankly, we’re SHOOK!

Strong genes?

While the little princess has often been compared to her great-grandmother and reigning monarch, the Queen, it’s now clear that she resembles her grandmother Diana even more closely.

Royal enthusiasts are debating where Charlotte gets her cute face from pretty passionately on Instagram right now, spurred on by the side-by-side comparison royal account LovePrincessDiana posted.

“She looks like a mix between her dad and grandmother.”

“Maybe her mouth only, but no no no, no way, she’s the old woman, a copy of that old queen.” How rude!

“Oh, Princess Charlotte is so like her Grandma Princess Diana … She is so beautiful.”

“Look at the lips in both of these pictures. Those are almost identical.”

“She has her smile also. Long live Diana’s descendants!”

“Not her eyes but nose and lips like Diana’s.”

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“Ambitious eyes”?!

While it’s clear that Charlotte’s jawline, mouth, wee nose and forehead are all the total spit of Diana’s, some are insisting that she has “the Queen’s eyes” with one going so far as to say: “I can tell you she doesn’t. Diana has very soft innocent eyes. Unlike Charlotte that has quite determined ambitious eyes.”

I mean who even knew eyeballs could be ambitious but apparently, they can. Let’s look at the young Queen’s eyes now and compare … In fact, let’s compare them all!

Princess Charlotte and young Kate Middleton

Above: Kate Middleton as a child (left) and Princess Charlotte (right)

Princess Charlotte and young Queen

Above: Queen Elizabeth as a toddler (left) and Princess Charlotte (right)

Princess Charlotte and young Princess Diana

Above: Princess Charlotte (left) and Princess Diana as a child (right)

Family ties

Inspired by Instagrammer LovePrincessDiana, these side-by-sides reveal that Charlotte looks A LOT like her late grandmother, but is also a pretty brilliant combination of all the ladies in her life. She looks like her other grandmother Carole Middleton, too! 

While we’re busy looking for the common features between these high profile lasses, it’s good to remember that Charlotte is her own excellent person too. We’re fairly sure she’s destined to handle her royal duties in her own way, but having these brilliant women to follow in the footsteps of can’t hurt at all.


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