How a goodbye wave made a mum realise this huge parenting truth

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A wave goodbye in the driveway segued into some big lessons for this grateful mum …

An enduring love

“My mom still waves goodbye to me. She stands out on her drive way and waves. Sometimes even blows me a kiss,” The Unraveling Blog’s Kelli Bachara wrote in her sweet post on Facebook.

“She still makes me meals when I come to visit,” Kelli writes.

“She still buys me random things she sees at the store that she thinks I will like. She is usually right. She still lets me call her when I’m bored and just need someone to talk to.”

“She still gives me a hug that will break down any wall I have and make me weep when I’m not ok. She still cares about me like she did when I was a kid. She can’t help herself.”

“A mom-heart doesn’t change”

Kelli notes that as she laments her kids growing older, but that her relationship with her own mum makes her feel reassured.

“I remember, a mom-heart doesn’t change just because her kids are adults. And no one can ever take that spot in a child’s heart… grown or not.

“My mom still does the same motherly things she’s always done, now for me and my babies.

“She still stands outside, rain or shine, and waves goodbye as we leave.”

My mom still waves goodbye to me.She stands out on her drive way and waves. Sometimes even blows me a kiss.She still…

Posted by The Unraveling by Kelli Bachara on Monday, September 2, 2019

“They will always be my babies”

Kelli’s post struck a chord with lots of others who loved this perspective and appreciated their own mums all the more. 

“This is so true!” one follower commented. “I love my kids and grandkids so much! No matter how grown they are, they will always be my babies!”

“This made me cry because my mom and dad do the same thing in their driveway!” one mum wrote. “They cook all of our favorite meals, and she mails me articles she thinks I would like to read. My parents’ house is a special place.”

Those that had lost their mothers were especially keen for people to make every moment count.

“Hold onto those memories,” one advised. “My Mom did the same thing until she was gone. I miss her chicken and dumplings, her orange fluff salad, and her perfume that lingered on my clothes long after her goodbye hugs.”

“Eat all that stuff up!” someone else suggested. “My mom did the same for my sister and I. I am simply lost without her and all the special things she did for us. She always had our backs! So soak it up!”

Compassion and kindness all ’round

But not everyone could relate. Some commenters had not been fortunate enough to have a brilliant mum. They found lots of support in Kelli’s followers though.

“You’re so lucky to have that so love it and enjoy every moment of it, I never had that in my life growing up and still don’t to this very day, I was more of an obligation or a chore, not a choice or a pleasure,” one lady revealed.

“I had a crap mom and dad too. But I found a great husband and my daughter loves me,” one mum responded to her.

“I completely get where you’re coming from! Some of us would give anything to have what we are as mothers/grandmothers,” another kind type wrote sadly – but understandingly.


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