Grandparents conduct secret paternity test to “make sure” their son is the dad

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A pair of suss grandparents have secretly conducted a paternity test on their baby granddaughter to make sure their son really is her dad. The mum has shared the unbelievable story on Reddit.

And you thought you had in-law woes!

Never big fans

The mum, who was understandably livid when she found out about the test has revealed that the criminal grandparents (because what they did is HIGHLY illegal) have never really liked her.

The 23-year-old says she and her 22-year-old boyfriend, who she has been with for four years, have had a few relationship troubles of their own, but nothing compares to the one they have with his parents.

“I think the biggest problem is his parents,” she says.

“My boyfriend comes from a very upper class family and I don’t. We met when he was in college for a high pay job and I was just waitressing. They have always thought I was just there for money.”

“Six months ago I gave birth to a very much unplanned but beautiful baby girl,” she continues.

The mum claims the parents have never been huge fans of hers, though.

“His parents were pissed about this [the pregnancy] and from the start of my pregnancy, kept trying to say that they didn’t think it was my boyfriend’s baby.”

“My boyfriend did his best to keep them civil but they are truly unbearable people and could never keep their mouth shut,” she says.

The mum goes on to say that the grandparents were great for, “a couple months after her being born” offering to babysit to give the new parents a break and buying their grandchild new outfits, bottles and toys.”

But things turned really sour when the grandparents decided to test the couple’s baby to check her paternity!

Understandably livid

The mum goes on to reveal how her boyfriend came home from visiting his folks in a “bad mood” a few weeks ago.

“He told me that his parents let slip they had taken our daughter to get DNA tested about a month after she was born.”


Can you imagine?

Unsurprisingly, the test revealed that their son was indeed the father, but the fallout from this massive breach of trust has been epic.

Cut them off

While the boyfriend was “pissed” that is parents would do such a thing, and without their consent, the mum says she now wants to cut off all communication with her partner’s parents.

“I’m not gonna lie sometimes my anger gets the best of me but at this point I was livid,” she says, revealing she called the parents immediately to tell them they are “cut off”.

“I told them I don’t need their money and I’m disgusted that they would stoop so low. I said I didn’t want my daughter around people that thought so little of me and would obviously only try and convince her of the nonsense they think about me.”

“They ‘apologized’ and said they only wanted what was best for their son and that I couldn’t blame them for trying to be good parents,” she writes.

“In the end I hung up on them trying to convince me that they had all the reasons in the world to do that test without my permission.”

Fair enough.

Or is it?

“Am I being the asshole?”

While the mum’s reaction seems very justified to us, she asked Reddit users if they thought she was overreacting and ‘being the asshole’ by wanting to rid these toxic people from her and her daughter’s life.

“My boyfriend is pretty understanding why I’m mad but is begging me to reconsider because they do help a lot and he does love his parents even though they suck.”

“I just don’t think I can let my daughter be around them… AITA?” she asks revealing that in the past, her partner’s parents have screamed at her, called her names and offered her boyfriend money to dump her.

No. No, we don’t think so.

That said, maybe it’s up to her boyfriend to decide what level of contact HE wants with his parents. Then perhaps the couple can decide if they are happy for their granddaughter to be in their life.

As for mum, we understand if she never wants lay eyes on them again!


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