Kerri Sackville and Grant Lyndon: Stocking up for the apocalypse + parent wins

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Writer Kerri Sackville and Grant Lyndon from Busy Dads join The Parent Panel presenter Shevonne Hunt to chat about the news and events of the week.

This week they chat about:

  • What item their family couldn’t do without during a Coronavirus lockdown
  • Whether children today are more exposed to fear than previous generations
  • Extreme parenting negotiations
  • Parenting wins on a rough day

Listen to Kerri Sackville and Grant Lyndon on The Parent Panel:

The coronavirus apocalypse 

With fears of a Coronavirus apocalypse, Aussies have joined in the fearful frenzy by buying all the toilet paper.

Even charities like Who Gives A Crap have run out, and Kimberley Clark, the manufacturers of Kleenex, have said that their factory is now running 24 hrs a day to meet demand.

Other items Aussies are stockpiling include paracetamol and tinned produce. 

What is the one item your family could not live without (should the apocalypse hit)? 

Are today’s children more afraid than generations before them? 

This week, Frances Whiting said it’s amazing that today’s children do anything.

With media saturation of disasters like bushfires, floods and coronavirus, kids have a lot on their shoulders. Add the pressure of social media and the fact one photo could follow them for the rest of their lives, Frances says they have a lot more to deal with than any of us did. To be fair, every generation has had something to fear, there was the Cold War and the threat of nuclear annihilation, AIDS and stranger danger … there’s always something. 

Do you think there’s more pressure on children today than ever before? Are they more afraid? Or is this something that happens every generation? Are kids by their very nature able to shrug off much of the panic adults can feel? 

Extreme negotiations with kids 

A colleague at Babyology this week explained how every year she negotiates with her daughter to find a birthday party date. Her daughter’s birthday is at the end of December, and they always work out an alternative celebration date (it’s a very inconvenient time for a party). This year they are having her party in June Last year, it was October.

When have you negotiated something outside the norm with your kids – and how did it work out? 

What you love about parenting on a rough day

There can be times as a parent where you think wistfully of what life would be like without numerous sets of clothing to pick up, or having a bathroom full of random (often mouldy) toys. And then your kid will do something, and you’ll be like… Yep. Parenting isn’t so bad …  This week Babyology writer, Pip Lincolne has collated a series of moments that parents love about parenting.  

 What do you love about parenting that can make a rough day feel better? 


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