Got dreams of being an Organised Mum? Here’s 5 things you can do to get sorted

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I’ve never been an organised sort of person. So when I became a mum, I was hardly likely to morph into a super organised lady. Yes, life would definitely be a lot easier if I had more things in order.  The toys would all have their home, and I’d have a marvellous system in place of picking up and putting away at the end of each day. I’d meal plan, and my weekly grocery shop would cater for every breakfast, lunch and dinner my children needed.

I’d NEVER run out of milk. Or have to use paper towel when we ran out of toilet paper. Socks would ALWAYS remain in pairs, and I’d be one of those mums who bought birthday presents in bulk, so that when party invites arrived, I’d have the gift ready to go, no sweat.

Believe me, I’ve tried to be that sort of mum – the one who had all these things sorted. I’ve drawn up routines, planned out meals and diligently packed daycare bags the night before. These habits last about three days.  I even went through a baking stage, but there was always some ingredient I was missing.

But it wasn’t long ago that I had a  bit of a revelation with all this. Here it is:

I’m fine just the way I am

I realised I just had to look to my kids for the proof. They’re happy, and know that they’re loved. They’re always fed (even if lunch is sometimes a hastily pulled together mish-mash of food), and they go to bed clean with brushed teeth every single night. We play every day, and I read them stories before bed. And even though the mornings can be a complete nightmare, we always get out the door with matching shoes and brushed hair.

I’m done with trying to be a different type of mum. And if you can relate, I encourage you to embrace the amazing mum you are, too.  This means letting go of perfection and trying to be a person you’re not, because I’ve got news for you: not only are you doing brilliantly just the way you are, but your kids think you’re the best thing since sliced bread. Truth.

Mother reading to baby in her lap sitting on floor


And as far as being organised goes, well, of course more of this is going to make life easier. But there’s no need to go overboard. There are a couple of simple ways you can factor in just a hint of organisation to make life run smoother and stay on top of the parenting game without completely losing your mind and becoming a super-duper Organised Mum.

Here are my tips for being organised when you’re actually anything but:

1. Keep on top of the washing

Our washing machine is always on, and once it’s dry, I fold it and put it away that same day. If I have the chance, I’ll also get out the next day’s clothes for everyone, but no drama if not: As long as the clothes are clean and put away, they’ll easily be found the next day. Winning.

2. Do your shopping online

I shop online for pretty much everything these days. Getting around shopping centres with young kids is pure torture if you ask me. Any delivery fees are worth the money – just think what you’d spend on food and bribes to keep the kids happy if you took them out with you?

3. Be nappy savvy

No need to run to the change table every time a nappy needs changing. Create a nappy caddy (or few) and place one in every room of the house, filled with nappies, wipes and a change mat. Now you can easily change your baby no matter where you are in the house – even in front of the TV. And this way, the baby chaos is kept to a minimum.

4. Keep the nappy-bag ready to go

Always keep the nappy bag stocked with whatever you need for when you’re out and about and make sure it includes nappies, wipes, hand sanitiser and band-aids. This way, you can grab and go … And you know those little toys and bubble wands you get in party bags? Pop a couple in the inside pockets of your nappy bag, so you can pull something out whenever you have to wait around with the kids to keep them happy and distracted.

5. Try my punctuality hack

Trick yourself into being on time by always allowing 15 minutes for running late. So if you need to leave by 9am sharp, tell yourself that you have to be out the door by 8.45am. That way, if you always run at least 15 minutes (like me), you’ll pretty much be on time, every time.

Above all else,  focus on what counts: Who cares if the house is a mess, baking never works out, and your Insta feed is hit and miss? Focus instead on creating fun memories with your kids, knowing that they’ll remember you being around, not how organised you were.

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