“Farty, stinky, bum-bum” 6 ways my kids bring out my inner kid

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I love seeing the dads at school drop off playing handball with their kids.

In those minutes before the bell chimes, they might as well be six years old again and wearing school shoes, instead of work boots or sensible footwear.

While I don’t play handball, I know I’m not unlike these fun dads, who lean down to deliver a killer low ball hit. Pow! I also act the same age as my kids, WITH my kids, too. Often.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

1. Laughing at farts

Kids have a way of letting us tap into our inner child, which is why I giggle now at anything ‘rude’. Like farts and burps, or words like ‘bottom’, ‘doodle‘ or ‘poo’. They think these are the most hysterical things you can possibly utter in between fits of laughter!

In fact, we even have silly made-up songs about these very things in our house. Catchy tunes which I even find myself singing in the shower.

And smiling.

2. Getting excited over a cement truck

I feel genuine excitement and will even yell, ‘cement truck!’ when I spot one on the road while driving.

My boys love them, and garbage trucks (well, of course!) and as a result, so do I.

I’ve even caught myself doing the truck announcement thing when I DON’T have our little ones in the car.

3. Playing toy tea parties

I quite enjoy placing all the teddies and toys in a little circle for a pretend tea party. It feels very grown up and social. Only I AM a grown up.

Sip, sip, pour, pour!

4. Squishing play dough

Is it just me, or is there something therapeutic and calming about rolling a blob of play dough into a ball and just squishing it like a stress ball?

But then rolling it and turning it into a snail, of course.

5. Wearing stickers

My boys love to stick their beloved stickers all over me, which is why I sometimes forget to peel these off my t-shirt before leaving the house.

Ah well, I deserve a gold star! The pharmacist also agrees.

6. Doing the ‘wee wee in the toilet’ dance

I am usually the instigator of a boogie in our house. But this is often around trying to encourage a squirmy boy to just “go and do a wee”.

So I sing and dance the ‘wee wee in the toilet’ song, naturally. But the truth is I enjoy this even more than my kids.

I am a big kid at heart. And thanks to mine, I am allowed to be.



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