Energetic baby dancing in-utero is a hilarious must-watch

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Photographer Danielle Sapienza is 34 weeks pregnant with baby number two and a recent video she uploaded to Instagram is capturing lots of attention … for good reason.

I like big butts!

Up until now, Danielle has mostly documented other women’s pregnancies. But her own blooming bump has her training the camera on herself.

In the video in question, Danielle has her camera focused on her belly, as she plays the vintage Sir Mix-A-Lot track Baby Got Back (aka the big butt song!)

“It’s a hysterical song and has always made us laugh — especially my 10 year old,” Danielle recently told Today.

“The baby is a super active baby and he pushes his bottom against my stomach a lot, so it seemed perfect to play him Baby Got Back.

Turns out this wee baby – who is due in September – has been fully acclimatised to the family’s preferred playlist and is a huge fan of the odd novelty hit too!

“Apparently, baby got back,” Danielle captioned the jaw-dropping clip of the dancing baby situation that she posted on Instagram yesterday. “What else ya gonna play to your unborn child?! He’s digging it!”

Baby Got Back

Keen to join in, the little guy responded to Sir Mix-A-Lot by busting out some very energetic in-utero moves as soon as the track began playing.

It was really no surprise to Danielle because music is pretty much programmed into his DNA.

“’90’s hip hop has always been our favourite since we started dating years ago,” Danielle admitted. “We’d always turn on the ’90s music and dance — it brings us back to the good old days.”

This mum says making sure to create some good NEW days is a priority for her and her gang.

“We’re always laughing and doing goofy stuff,” she noted. “Life is too short to take it seriously.”


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