Duchess Kate reveals George and Charlotte can be a bit of a handful

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The Duchess of Cambridge has been super chatty on her walkabouts of late, revealing more about life as a mum-of-three – and that her kiddos might not be the most docile types at home.

“I like head butting”

The insight came after six-year-old twins Sai and Taran Gotani were lucky enough to be chosen to meet Prince William and Duchess Kate at Leicester University. The twins were not keen to adhere to royal protocol, fairly jumping out of their skin as they met the royal pair.

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On introduction, Kate asked the children –  “What do you boys like doing?”

“I like head butting,” came Sai’s response. The twins then provided a boisterous demonstration to prove it.

“They are very excited to see you!” the boys’ mum, Kal Gotani told the Duchess, in explanation.

The group then watched a science experiment involving marshmallows together, which seemed to add to the excitement. 

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The twins began shouting “Kate! Kate!” as their mum tried to settle them down, but the Duchess said she was well seasoned in this kind of rollicking behaviour and not to worry.

“She [Kate] said: ‘It’s absolutely fine. Don’t do anything,” Kal said, People Magazine report. “[Kate said] ‘Let them be. I’m used to it.’ … Oh my God! She is amazing with them.”

“Sai was shouting, ‘Kate, how is Charlotte?’ And Taran has got a thing with numbers. He was saying, ‘How old are you, Kate? When is your birthday?’,” the royal-struck mum of the twins recalled, noting she was “sweating” with the thrill and stress of this interaction.

As the royal couple left, William told the little boys, “You are very active. How many marshmallows have you eaten? You two have so much energy.”

The boys began rolling on the floor wrestling with the Prince remarking, “Catherine, you and I might try that. It’s a new way to do an engagement. It’s a lot of fun!”

The littlest royals

Duchess Kate and Prince William are parents to three sweet (and sometimes boisterous) kids – five-year-old Prince George, three-year-old Princess Charlotte and seven-month-old Prince Louis. 

Earlier this week Kate told royal enthusiasts that her kids were “getting excited for Christmas time, because they’ve started all their Christmas songs and the Christmas trees are going up” with Prince Louis “getting to be a big boy.”

Of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s expectant parent status, Kate said, “It’s such a special time to have little kiddies. And a cousin for George and Charlotte, as well, and Louis. It’ll be really special.” 


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