Are you done having kids? Here are 12 ways to tell

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You remember the feeling of wanting to have a baby – the ache in your uterus, the urge to stop and stare at newborn babies in prams, the feeling that every single person in the world was pregnant,  the determination to get pregnant, even if that meant upping your baby-making game until your partner was physically exhausted. And seeing that faint positive line on the pregnancy test …

But now the pregnancy test excitement is long gone and has been replaced by years of amazing memories as you have watched your belly swell and your children grow. So now what?

For many women, knowing whether to have another baby or not can be a tricky decision. How do you know? Will you just feel complete? Probably not. But these 12 situations might suggest that you’re done (for now at least).

1. When you hear a child yell, “Mummmmm,” you look the other way

You have your child’s tone of “Mummm” down pat. And you have no desire to get used to anything else.

2. You’ve lost the ability to speak baby talk

And you’re really enjoying having regular conversations with your mini-humans. Turns out, they are hilarious!

3. You’ve culled pretty much all evidence that you once had a baby

Sure, you kept a few important things, like newborn onesies and baby socks that take up next to zero space, but, for the most part, your house is now cluttered with older kids’ crap only. No baby junk allowed.

4. When your kids request a baby brother or sister you distract them with chocolate

Have a Snickers, kids. You guys get crazy when you’re hungry.

Woman happy in bed

5. You really like sleep

And the thought of not getting sleep sends you into a barely-controlled panic.

6. You also really like wine

And the thought of not drinking for a year or more sends you into an even more intense panic.

7. Plus, you’ve purchased non-second-hand furniture from an expensive homewares shop

Furniture that matches! And doesn’t come complete with paint, urine and baby spew stains.

Happy toddler girl with pet dog

8. When you hear a cute name, you secretly save it in your mind

But not for a baby. A dog perhaps.

9. You and your partner have a secret high-five when Aunty Flo pays a visit

Another month of no babies! Winning!

10. You’ve started using the back seat of your car as extra storage space

When the baby seats are gone, there is so much more room! Never mind the older kids … just toss that stuff to the ground and get in.

11. When someone announces a pregnancy, you wince a little

Yes, you’re so happy for them! And even happier that it’s not you!

12. Your clucky radar changes

Newborn baby smell doesn’t do it to you anymore. But a really good deal on an all inclusive five star resort …

Cluck Cluck.

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