Time for another baby? 12 sure fire signs you’re ready to add to the clan

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Thinking about having another baby, but not quite sure you’re ready to go through it all again? Here are a few signs that might suggest it’s time to enter the giddy world of pregnancy, birth and babyhood all over again!

baby name generator

You love baby names

When you hear a name you like, you secretly add it to a list of names in your head, which seems to grow longer by the day (PS. Check out our massive round up of the very best in baby names to add to the list).

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And baby outfits

Baby outfits that are on sale are almost impossible to resist, even if you’re not pregnant. Hey, you never know!

newborn girl sleeping fb

And pretty much anything baby related

Even Babybel cheese makes your uterus ache.

You’ve learned how to master the fine art of parenting without relying on coffee

I need at least three cups a day to keep up with my kids (followed by a wine or seven at night), but if you’ve figured out the magic formula for parenting non-caffeinated (or intoxicated), then you’re ready for another one!

And do share your secret with me, please.

mum baby night fb

You hardly sleep anyway

When you’re already up half the night tending to a child or two, or simply because you’re not a great sleeper, then you might as well add a newborn to the mix.

You have an inexplicable desire to hold other people’s babies

Even if you hardly know them. If you see a baby, you want to cuddle it. It’s just the way it is.


You miss having someone need you 24/7

For some, having this responsibility is hard to handle. For others, it is what makes life worthwhile. You be the judge.

Nappy commercials make you cry

Or, pretty much any commercial that showcases a baby. Or a pregnant person.

This image brings a tear to your eye

birth photography shower pain

If you can look through these incredibly graphic (and equally beautiful) images of mums giving birth and feel a twinge of envy that it’s not you, then you might be ready for another.

If, on the other hand, the thought of going through labour again makes you queasy, it might be best to stick to a new pet.

You’ve watched Groundhog Day and don’t see why it’s a bad thing

Because, as you can probably recall, the first few weeks with a newborn is often a haze of sleep deprivation, nappy changing, self-settling, breastfeeding chaos that can often feel like a scene from this movie. But it does end.

happy pregnant pregnancy baby bump

You miss the sensations that come with pregnancy

Longingly reminiscing about the tingling breasts, those first butterfly flutters, the more powerful punches and kicks as the weeks go by, even the sensation of needing to wee every ten minutes can suggest it’s time to go again.

Your partner is on board

Because, as we all know, it takes two to tango and without his agreement, you’re back to square one.


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