Dear Mummy, this is why I love ‘us’ time

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Dear Mummy,

Yay, it’s ‘mummy and me time’. I’m so happy. So much so that I can’t stop rolling on the floor with my legs crunched up, smiling to myself.

Let me tell you why.

Today I have you all to myself

I often have to share you. Share you with Daddy, my brother, or that work place that you go to. I don’t mind sharing you with Daddy and my brother though, because together we are fun too, but when I get to spend time with just you, like today, it’s different and, Mummy, it’s really, really special. 

Mother with toddler son

We can be us

Mummy, I love being your one and only for a change. When I have you all to myself, I like to be your baby again.  

I may even cuddle up on your lap and forget my words, goo-ing and ga-ga-ing instead. But mummy, it isn’t because I am “regressing” as you say, it’s just that I want to feel small with you again. I want to soak up all of your attention and the best way I know how is to be little, needy and well, cute as a button.

So I will flash you my cheeky grin as I cuddle my teddy and ask you to give him cups of ‘tea’ with me. 

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You will play with me

When it is just us, I know you will play with me. There is no one else stealing you away from me or distracting you. I am your world and you are mine. 

During ‘us’ time, I  like to pretend I’m a baby stegosaurus and you are the mummy. Can we be dinosaurs today, Mummy?! And can you also do my favourite puzzle with me and throw a ball to me outside?

You are the best playmate but we don’t play as much as we’d like to these days. But on Mummy and me time, we do! Because we can.


You will talk to just me

I love hearing just your voice, the same voice that soothes me when I’m upset or hurt, encourages me to try things, like the big slippery slide and guides me as I toddle along this life road.

But all those other voices are loud and when it’s just us, we are the only sounds. And it’s nice. It’s just your mummy voice and my little one, chatting, laughing, and saying “I love you” over and over as we go about our day – squishing playdough, sipping a babyccino in the cafe, doing the shopping, hanging out the washing, or cooking dinner – me sitting on the kitchen bench, tossing the beans into the bowl as you peel the carrots.   

I will feel closer to you

When we spend some one on one time together, I know you feel closer to me, but Mummy, I also feel closer to you.

I can’t tell you, but I will show you how. And you know all the funny little ways that I will. Because you are a part of me and I am a part of you.

Mummy, I love you, so, so, SO much. And I love mummy and me time. 




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