Cubbies, storage boxes and washing baskets, all the weird places my kid sleeps

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Every night my partner or I build our little boy, Sam, a cubby to fall asleep in.

Sometimes this is a “doggy house” (kennel) and it HAS to be a triangle shape. Oh and he is the puppy, of course.

He will happily go to sleep there but his bed? No. Way. Nope. Not ever.

Little does he know, that just before we hit the hay ourselves, we transfer his comatose three-year-old body into his bed. But it’s like his bed is the last place in the world he would choose to sleep.

Here are all the other weird places he prefers to go to sleep – that aren’t his bed. If you also have a ‘mix it up’ little sleeper, then I know you will relate.

Nestled in a storage box

I have an empty plastic storage box next to our bed, which Sam has claimed as his ‘bed’. He stuffs it with cushions and blankets and then falls asleep in it, all squished, until I move him into his bed where he can spread out.

Sam asleep in storage box

In a pillow slip 

Sam LOVES dinosaurs and has a dinosaur quilt cover – yes, this was my attempt at getting him to fall in love with his bed – but it didn’t work. He did, however, fall in love with his dinosaur pillow slip and as such likes to pretend he’s the Very Hungry Caterpillar in a cocoon curled up next to me in our bed or on the floor on his old cot mattress.

Sam in pillow slip

In the clothes hamper 

I have a cylinder-shaped clothes hamper in our room that I chuck our ‘floordrobe’ into when I am inspired to clean up. Lately, though, this has been used as another caterpillar cocoon for Sam to nod off in. He simply returns the clothes to their rightful place (the floor) and curls up into it.

Wicker clothes hamper

Under the dining room chairs

Like the cubby, sometimes Sam will toss his dinosaur quilt cover over one of the dining room table bench seats and create a little bedroom for himself to snooze in.

Sam asleep under bench seat

A washing basket 

As you can gather, my little guy likes to sleep in confined spaces, and so he will often shove his blankie and some of the couch cushions in a washing basket to fashion a bed. “Cosy”, he tells me.

Green washing basket

On the bath mat

We have one of these cuddly bath mats which Sam loves to curl up on. Needless to say, this often gets moved from the bathroom and onto his bedroom floor. A bath mat makes a cuddly transition into the land of nod.

Bath mats

In a cubby

As mentioned, a cubby is his favourite sleeping spot of the minute.

Sam in cubby

Am I the only one who has a kid who does this? 


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