Christina Aguilera performed with her preschooler and it’s adorable as all heck

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Christina Aguilera is mum to two great kids – ten-year-old Max and four-year-old Summer Rain – and this week two out of three delighted fans by appearing on stage together!

“It’s a lot to juggle”

Christina’s on her first tour – the Liberation Tour – in more than a decade and has taken her children along for the ride.

“It’s a lot of extra work but it’s amazing,” she told Entertainment Tonight of touring with her kiddos. “It’s actually why I was hesitant because it’s a lot to juggle, so many hats and so many things at the same time.” 

“My fans have been so patient while I took time out to be with my family, be a mom, which is so important to me and my number one,” she continued. “But then, of course, my soul is hurting and suffering being away from the stage, which is my ultimate home and has been since I was seven years old.”

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Summer’s time to shine

So tour with her kiddos she did, giving daughter Summer her very own chance to shine.

“Summer begs me to come out every night onstage! And then gets shy … but loves it … she’s taking it all in early,” Christina captioned a video of Summer doing just that.

Summer’s captured shyly sitting beside her famous mum as she sings fan favourite song Beautiful to a St Louis audience on Wednesday.

“Do you want to hear everybody sing?” she asks her daughter as she turns the microphone towards the crowd.

“It’s beautiful, Sum. You hear that?” she asks Summer who is wearing the requisite gig kid’s noise-cancelling headphones and may NOT be able to hear it at all.

“I love you guys!” she tells her fans as they sing back to her.

Take the mic, Summer!

It’s clear that fans love Christina right back, and they were super charmed by Summer too.

“Omg my heart!! I’m crying this is SO beautiful!” one fan posted in response to Christina’s video.

“I didn’t think it possible to love you anymore than I already do,” another wrote, “but this moment is everything.”

“So cute. God Bless her. Wait for the day when she takes the mic from you and sings to you,” someone else enthused. 

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“I’m ultimately Mama Bear”

Christina admits that this tour is a completely fresh experience but that everyone’s adapting pretty well.

“I’m ultimately Mama Bear,” she said. “It’s different from touring when you’re 21 years old. It’s very narcissistic,  and all you think about is yourself. All you have to think about is yourself, and now you’re thinking about the blankies and the favourite stuffies and it’s all the mom stuff.” 

“They’re great,” she said of her travelling kids, “and they’ve been rolling with it, and as long as you have your home base with you, it doesn’t matter where your actual home is.”

Home is where the heart is, indeed! 


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