Beyoncé and Jay-Z renew vows with kids in tow (and share pics of twins!)

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Beyoncé and Jay-Z have kept their youngest children out of the spotlight, so you can’t blame Beyonce fans for going a little nuts over these mum and dad themed tour photos – especially when they appear to show the pair renewing their wedding vows!

Love is the message

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On the Run Tour II tour kicked off overnight in Cardiff in the UK – and saw the pair revealing a little more of their life together – and the big news that they’d apparently renewed their wedding vows with their kids in tow!

The pair married back in 2008, so it’s possible they took advantage of their ten year anniversary to declare their love again – and share it with fans.

In one video shared on Twitter, the couple can be seen dressed head-to-toe in white and facing each other quite earnestly. Jay-Z is dressed in an amazing suit (white, in contrast to his original wedding’s darker choice) and Bey in full bridal garb.

There are family and friends assembled, and the twins are in the front of the frame looking grainy, but adorable. It’s a wedding, everyone!

Rare glimpses

The footage of the footage (!) promptly found its way to Twitter very quickly and grainy captures of the renewal – and the rarely seen babies are now being shared across the globe.

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This excitement has been further fuelled by the distinct lack of baby photos shared by the pair. It’s a sharp contrast to the approach during Beyoncé’s pregnancy and their eldest daughter’s early years. In fact, the last time we saw Rumi and Sir was a month after their birth, when Beyoncé took to Instagram to share that now iconic Madonna-with-blooms-and-floppy-newborns image of their babies.

This tour vision certainly shows that Sir and Rumi are growing up like little champs. No longer can they be cradled across one shoulder. They’re now a full armload each – and have chunked up considerably. #SoCute #HelloRolls There’s plenty of footage of Blue Ivy cavorting with her mum and dad and siblings too.

It’s clear that this tour is going to be brilliant, if the first show in the UK is a taste of things to come.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are parents to three kiddos in total. So far. Daughter Blue Ivy is now six years old and Sir and Rumi are now 11 months old.


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