Annaliese Dent and Chris North: Dieting apps, book week haters and birth order

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Writer and broadcaster Annaliese Dent joins marriage celebrant Chris North to talk about the stories making waves in the parenting world this week.

This episode of The Parent Panel includes:

  • Weight Watchers releasing a new app for children
  • What parents really think about Book Week
  • If birth order impacts the person you become
  • Pregnancy announcements

Listen to Annaliese Dent and Chris North on The Parent Panel: 

Is a new app the answer to childhood obesity?

Weight Watchers has released an app for children that they say will help combat childhood obesity. More than a million Australian children are classified as obese. 

The app, called Kurbo, is aimed at children aged from 8 to 17 and is apparently based on Stanford University’s paediatric obesity program. On face value, this looks like a legitimate attempt to help children eat better, but there has been loud criticism for those helping adults overcome eating disorders. 

Do you think this app is a step in the right direction, and a legitimate attempt to help children be healthier, or is it a dangerous money-grabbing ploy on the part of Weight Watchers? 

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Kurbo is a complete outrage. I’ve been posting these on twitter for our #wakeupweightwatchers takedown. Disgusted that this company is targeting 8-17 year olds. (Oprah tagged removed after this was called out as harmful by @lifeaccordingtokeeks 🙏🏼)

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How do parents really feel about book week? 

Each year that book week comes around you can hear parents groaning everywhere. It’s another thing to do, and (depending on the character your child chooses) can be a monumental effort to prepare for. Then there are the kids who don’t like book parade and make the whole experience miserable. But then. There are the parents who love a chance to stretch their creative wings and children who love to dress up. The day itself can feel like a festival, full of excitement and fun. 

Are you a book week lover or hater? How do you go on the costume front? Have you had a spectacular win or a spectacular fail? 

Does birth order affect your child’s personality? 

Dr Susan Moore and Dr Doreen Rosenthal have released a book called Second Child: Essential Information and Wisdom to help you decide, plan and enjoy. In an attempt to help parents work out the impact of having a second child on their family, they have analysed how birth order might affect children. For example, they say “Firstborns tend be more conscientious, hard-working, responsible and assertive than their later-born siblings. Second-borns, on the other hand, are often more relaxed, less driven but more creative than their older siblings.”  

Have you noticed that birth order has impacted the personalities of your kids, or do you think it’s a load of hogwash? 

How did you announce that you were having a baby? 

This week Turia Pitt released what she described in a Beyonce-style announcement that she and her partner were having their second baby. While some people will announce their pregnancies on social media, others choose different ways to tell many people (or even their nearest and dearest) they are expecting a baby. 

How did you ‘announce’ that you were pregnant with your first child? 


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