“I’m the boss” – Amy Poehler says she’s NOT a cool mum after all

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Parks and Recreation and Wine Country star Amy Poehler has shared a little more on her parenting style revealing that she’s not afraid to be a little firm with her kids.

Abel and Archie

Amy – who is mum to six-year-old Abel and eight-year-old Archie with ex-husband Will Arnett – says she’s a believer in old-fashioned parenting.

“Not too tough, but tough enough,” she told ET. “I might be a little old school.”

“I’m not very indulgent. I think children are given a lot of leeway and a lot of license to feel a lot of feelings and say what they want.”

“That doesn’t really happen in my home so much,” Amy explained. “I’m the boss.”

This all may come as a surprise to people who didn’t even know Amy was a mum. She very rarely shares anything about her kids online – or publicly at all.

“I love my boys so much I fear my heart will explode. I wonder if this love will crack open my chest and split me in half. It is scary, this love,” she wrote in an excerpt from her book Yes Please published on The Globe and Mail.

Amy explained that she loves staring at the night sky with her boys because she is a “moon junkie”. #WeFeelYou

“I tell my boys that moonlight is a magic blanket and the stars above us are campfires set by friendly aliens,” Amy wrote, noting that they venture out to look at the moon very, very often.

“We wear pyjamas, because going outside at night in your pyjamas feels like breaking out of jail. I watch their little fat feet and their shiny cheeks as they jump into the backseat of the car.”

“These boys, they are delicious. I swear, if I could eat my children, I would.”

I think we’ve all felt exactly that way about our own kids! 



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