A wee problem: How urine is taking over my bathroom

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I’ve come to accept that my bathroom now smells like a little boy’s school urinal.

I have two small sons and let’s just say, aim ain’t their game.

Their dribbles and spills are TOTALLY taking over my bathroom – I’m fighting a losing battle here. Please tell me I am not alone …

The drain halo

Am I the only person with a permanent build-up of yellow around the bathroom drain?

I wipe this away every time I go in there, but it always reappears.

As soon as a little someone needs to use the loo again, he misses a bit so it dribbles downwards, and well, the golden drain halo reappears.

Funny boy with pain hands

The smelly clothes basket

Then there’s the dirty clothes basket that sits in the bathroom.

Between wet bed sheets and dirty undies, it reeks. And yes, I do do the washing as often as I can, but, PEW.

The puddle on the toilet seat

We recently changed our toilet seat from a light, easy-to-lift plastic one, to a more modern soft-close version.

Oh, big mistake.


Now my little guy finds it too heavy to lift. As such, he will flop his baby elephant trunk over the seat to wee … and, well, let’s just say he doesn’t quite make it most of the time. We now have a permanent puddle of urine on that lovely new toilet seat. A puddle I either wipe away, or accidentally sit on.


The suspiciously damp towels

I regularly wash our bath towels, and it isn’t just because they have been used on little bodies after a splash in the tub and big bodies after a shower. I wash them more often than I did pre-kids because, presumably, they have wee on them too. Nothing is immune in our family bathroom.

I’m talking about little hands that haven’t been washed probably after a pee. Also, there is always a chance that one of my boys has been ‘helpful’ by wiping up a spill with a towel, and then hanging the offending towel back up, instead of tossing it in the smelly dirty clothes bin.

Playing boy

The tile stripe

Then every so often, one of my little dudes simply doesn’t make it to the big toilet in time. When this happens there is a streak of yellow on the floor leading to the loo as he’s danced the wee dance while dropping his dacks. The line is like a straight arrow of what should have happened. I can only hope there is a lesson being learnt here in paying attention to the signals your body is sending you when it comes to going to the loo.

But all of this means my bathroom is disgusting. And after writing this, I’m going to add some of that nice-smelling natural orange air freshener to my online grocery shopping list.

Who else is thinking the same?


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