5 thoughts I have when I get the dreaded ‘kindy alert’ email

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‘Dear families, we just need to inform you that …’

When kindy sends me an email that starts with these words, my heart skips a beat and a feeling of dread washes over me. But I know I am not the only one.

This is why and some of the thoughts I have before opening that scary email.

1. It better not be gastro

Whenever they send me these emails it’s to inform me of some contagious bug doing the rounds. Oh gawd, please don’t let it be gastro. The entire family was struck down with this six weeks ago. I really can’t bear the thought of all that washing again, and the vomit – yuck!

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2. Should I quarantine my kids?

I know getting sick is immunity building and also a childhood rite of passage, but enough already! They have been sick so much this year and it’s really taking its toll on all of us. Maybe I could just not send them to that germ pool this week in the hope that they dodge whatever it is that is going around? Oh yeah, I have to work.  

3. Why this week?

I would love to give them a week off kindy. Maybe I could do the quarantining thing on another week, but not this one. I have such a big workload and my partner is due to file that project he’s been stressed about. But this is the way it usually goes. They will get sick, poor loves, and all the wheels will fall off because one of us will stay home and care for them – but that’s just parenting. And I’ll be honest, nothing makes me feel more like a mum than when my little loves get sick and need me. Still, it is uncanny and annoyingly inconvenient timing. 

4. Gulp, maybe it’s my kid?

You know come to think of it, my eldest was complaining of a ‘sore head’ last night? Oh, my poor bubba! Could he have had a headache? He often gets one before the full fury of a virus strikes him down … eeks. He seemed fine this morning, though?

5. Oh relax, maybe it’s just to inform me that there’s a new educator

Ha! Wishful thinking. Just click …

Oh crap. There’s been a head lice outbreak in the toddler room. Hmm, I think I saw a kid in the preschooler room scratching his head this morning at drop off. Bet it’s spreading from both my boys’ rooms. Quick, google ‘How to avoid head lice’ STAT!


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