13 reasons why being a parent in winter is anything but wondrous

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Parenting in winter. It’s all cosy cuddles around the fire, hot chocolate with gooey marshmallows and brisk walks in the park, right? Not quite …

Winter is rarely a parent’s favourite time of the year – unless you’re living in Darwin, of course. For everyone else, the nights are dark and full of freezing cold trips to the toilet. Come and share a laugh at the daily dramas that come with winter weather.

winter parenting

1. Triple the washing

All those extra layers add up to a LOT more washing, which also then leads to triple the dryer usage. And triple the frustration when you receive your quarterly electrical bill. #ahhhfreakout

2. Cold tiles and bare feet during that late night feed

I’d rather walk on Lego. If you’ve got a winter baby, you’ll know what I mean.

3. Living in a house covered in tissue paper

Sniffly noses and winter go hand in hand. And thus, your house will soon resemble a Halloween prank gone wrong.

how sick too sick

4. The rain/slush school pick up

Snow is lovely. But snow that turns to slush, that then turns to ice cold rain is not. And what is it with winter downpours that always seem to hit at school or childcare pick up time?

5. The moment you have all three layers of clothing on the kids is the moment one of them will announce, “Mum, I have to pee.”

It’s the law of winter. The bladder remembers.


winter cold 6


6. Extreme toilet training

Winter layers and mad dashes to the potty do not mix well. 

7. Onesies, although warm and fuzzy, make you look like an oversized baby

If there is such a thing as a flattering adult onesie, I have yet to see it. Or try it on.

winter parenting 3

8. Breastfeeding frost

Pulling your breasts out for that below zero midnight feed is anything but pleasant. Boob frost is no one’s friend.

9. You have to “warm up” the car before going anywhere.

Or else experience the wrath of cold children screaming, “Mum put the heater on!” for the first twenty blocks of your trip.

winter parenting cover

10. Wet socks.

Is there anything worse than wet socks? Yes… yes there is. And it’s the sound of a child complaining because his socks are wet.

11. Trying to convince your children that jackets, long pants, socks and closed shoes are not optional.

Now is not the time to wear your two piece swimming suit and croc shoes.

winter cold cover1

12. Cold little feet waking you up in the morning.

Nothing says ‘good morning’ quite like a run-in with icicle toes on your arms, legs and head.

And… 13. Your kids have even more of a desire to watch Frozen on repeat, because they can finally identify with the cold.

Don’t let the frostbite bite.

anna cold

Of course, there are so many things about winter that are magical – warm cocoa and cuddles on the couch; building a snowman or experiencing snow for the first time; curling up in front of a fire; wearing woolly scarves, beanies and boots.

winter hate 4

And, there is no better excuse to put on a few extra kilos during winter, you know, to keep yourself warm. So enjoy the cold while it lasts. Because bathing suit season is coming…


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