10 things that will make mums happier

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Earlier this week we told you about a study that shows men are happier when their wives stay at home rather than work. While the study seemed a little bit odd, it definitely got us thinking. A wife that stays home with the kids, cooks dinner and keeps the house tidy is the key to a husband’s happiness?

But what about mums? What would make us happier?  We decided to turn the tables and focus on ten little things that would make us a whole helluva lot happier. After all, happy wife, happy life.

Husbands and partners. Take notes.

1. To return home from work or an outing with the kids and actually stop working.

House cleaned. Dinner made. Laundry folded. Wine poured. I’d settle for three out of the four. Even just once a month would suffice.

I’d also settle for this nice gentlemen doing the work for me.

making mum happy 3.

2. To go to the bathroom and find the toilet seat down, the toilet paper roll full and a sink free of little bits of facial hair.

Shave. Turn on tap. Rinse hair down tap. Pick up excess bits of hair from sink basin and floor. Repeat every morning.

3. To enjoy “me” time that doesn’t involve a trip to the supermarket.

Because a solo stroll down the spice aisle just doesn’t cut it.

4. To eat an entire meal myself (without my kids picking at my food).

My kids have the exact same thing on their plates. Dad has the exact same thing on his plate. So why does my dinner look like the only one that is edible to my children?

making mum happy2

5. To take an actual sick day when I’m sick.

Okay, so I won’t be happy about being sick. But I will certainly be less grumpy about being sick if I could actually curl up in my bed with my vapour rub, my lemon tea and hot water bottle and not be bothered for three to six hours.

6. To go grocery shopping and not have to come out with two Kinder Surprise eggs in order to avoid double meltdowns.

Alternatively, if Kinder Surprise eggs are coming home with my kids, can I please request that they each get a toy of similar calibre of awesomeness? You know how it’s going to end when one child gets a Star Wars figurine and the other gets a packet of stickers.

Fail, Kinder Surprise. Fail.

mum happy1

7. To return to the living room after grabbing a cup of tea from the kitchen and not have ‘misplaced’ the television remote.

Why can’t the remote just stay where I put it? The other day I found the thing in my daughter’s doll house. How did it get there? No one seems to know. And actually being able to drink the tea, in one go, while it’s still hot, would also be nice.

8. To never be asked the question, “But what did you do all day?”

Especially if the house is a mess, the kids are ratty and the fridge is bare. Plenty, thanks, I did plenty! The kids are alive aren’t they?

Vanish 4

9. To have my own space.

Husband has a man shed. I would like to request a she shed please, where I can keep my makeup, my shoes, my necklaces, my tea pot, my photo albums and my personal stash of chocolate without anyone else using it, trying it on, touching it, breaking it, drawing on it or eating it.  This would make me smile.

10. And, finally, to find a happy balance.

It may seem like the impossible task and it probably is. But, I know in my household, just a little bit more sharing of the chores would result in a much happier mummy.

After all, sharing is caring. Except when it’s my food. No one touches my food. Or my remote.

Revisit the post that launched a thousand comments…  the study that shows men are happier when their wives stay at home. Regardless of whether you are a working mum or a stay-at-home-mum or somewhere in between, I think we all can agree that adding these ten things into our lives will make us wake up with a smile.


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