12 surefire signs you’re ready for another baby

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When I was pregnant, my husband and I would often get asked how many kids we wanted. We had a standard reply: “We’ll just start with one and see how that goes.” Sure, we probably want more than one baby, but we just don’t see the point in telling people what our ‘magic number’ is. So, if you’ve got one or two already, how do you know whether it’s time to start trying for another?

Here are a few signs you’re ready to start making more babies!

1. When you start browsing on real estate websites for bigger homes with spacious backyards and room for a dog.

2. When you’re on your way down the aisle at the shops to get laundry detergent and find yourself distracted by the cutest, tiniest baby clothes and just want an excuse to buy some.

Woman shopping with a baby at a clothing shop

3. When you do the ‘awkward friend hover’ around any mum with a newborn. The second they finish feeding the baby and need to go to the bathroom (read: take a nanna nap) you swoop in with arms outstretched, ready for cuddles.

4. When you spend all your free time browsing double prams to cart around your babes in, like the gorgeous iCandy Peach – the compact stroller that grows with your family, and can easily morph from a single to a double pram. It’s compatible with a whole swathe of car seat combinations and suits children from newborn to 25kgs, with reversible seats in both single and double mode. Any excuse.

iCandy Peach stroller

5. When you make a cup of tea and can sit down and drink it before it goes cold (well, okay, enjoy a couple more of those before you start trying for another baby!).

6. When your firstborn starts asking when they’re going to get a baby brother or sister, you know it’s time to get baby-making!

7. When you look for any excuse (even remote ones, like your sister’s friend’s baby shower) to buy some of those insanely cute little baby shoes. Is it just me, or have they got a whole lot cuter in the last few years?

Cute little baby shoes

8. When you open up your laptop to look for a dinner recipe, and get distracted watching YouTube videos of babies learning to walk, hilarious newborn baby faces, babies sleeping with dogs, and incredible prodigy babies making eloquent speeches at just four months of age. Your next baby will be a genius too, right?

9. When your friends post their new baby milestones on Facebook and you’re either:
a) over the moon for them and vicariously living through every single minute of new baby bliss; or
b) unfollowing all those mums oversharing about their darn-cute babies. When will you finally get another one?

10. When you see your husband or partner cuddling a nephew, niece or friend’s newborn, and your ovaries just go POP!

Father holding baby

11. When your eldest is sleeping through the night or has just toilet-trained. Even though you know you should be savouring the moment and getting as much sleep as humanly possible, mummy hormones prevail. You will choose the no-sleep option, just because you’ll have a gorgeous newborn baby to cuddle.

12. When you have at least four serious conversations a week with your partner about whether or not it’s time to start trying again. And you stock up on pregnancy tester packs so they’re on hand when you need them.

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