12 reasons why raising children in ‘Straya is the absolute best

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Happy ‘Straya Day to all Aussie mums and dads out there. We hope you are celebrating with a hot snag and an icy beverage. Come raise your drink and share with us the reasons why Australia is the best place in the world to raise a family.

I confess… I wasn’t born and raised in Australia. But I am raising my kids here after moving from the land of cold and absolutely love it. But, it’s not only me who does. A recent study suggests that Australia comes out as one of the top countries in the world to be a parent.

Many parents do not realise how lucky we are to call Australia home. So this ‘straya day, let’s count down the top reasons why we are so lucky to be raising our kids in this sunkissed country.

The meat pies.

I don’t care if they are unhealthy – they are delicious. The end.

rock your kid summer 2013, Come as you are t-shirt

The labels.

Some of the best kids’ clothing designers hail from our backyard including Oishi-M, Munster Kids, Eeni Meeni Miini Moh, Rock Your Baby, Chalk n Cheese, OobiDuke of London and Bobbi Sunshine. And we love them all!

The family-friendly vibe.

Where we live, even the pubs have children’s play areas. Mum and dad can enjoy a beer and meal out while each of the kids get a free kid’s meal and a play at a playground. If that’s not the perfect compromise, then what is?

The beverages.

I’ve never met an Australian wine I didn’t love. Some of the best wineries come from our backyard. Then we’ve got the world’s tastiest rum (Bundy of course) and the best beers (I’m going with Tooheys but we all have our favourites).

staya 1

The classic television and movie selection.

Some of the all-time best shows hail from down under. Kath and Kim. Swift and Shift. Muriel’s Wedding. Paper Planes. The Castle. Wolf Creek. Glitch. Puberty Blues. Rake. Summer Heights High. Blue Murder. Think others do it better than Aussies? You’re dreamin’.

The lifestyle.

There is no other country in the world where you get to spend so much time outdoors. Our kids are so lucky to be able to ride bikes, to bounce on the trampoline and to enjoy nature all year round. And, most of the time, they don’t even need to wear shoes.

The crazy weather.

Sure, it may be snowing in one part of the country and 40 degrees somewhere else, but this is all part of the fun. And the crazy weather (not to mention wildlife) just makes us tougher.

Rear view of parents swinging little boy at beach

The beaches, lakes and creeks.

Most Australian children are water babies at heart. And why not when there are so many great places to swim and enjoy the surf?

The sausage sizzles.

Bunnings. I’m looking at you right now.
staya 3

The sport.

Men in little shorts and tight shirts. Yes please. (Cricket does not make this list).

The caravan and camping parks.

Holidaying has never been so much fun for the entire family. The caravan parks here are simply sensational with mini golf, tennis, jumping pillows, pools, waterslides, go-carts and so much more. Some even offer free massage around the pool for parents. This is what camping is all about.

Dream gift Jenna

The celebrities.

My son’s favourite movies feature Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman… watching these two shirtless men fight villains on repeat is nothing to complain about. And it sure beats Up!

What do you love most about living in Australia?


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