10 excellent excuses for being late when you have a baby

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Ever had an early morning meeting, errand, appointment or catch up with a friend only to arrive 10 minutes late, baby half dressed and you dishevelled, to be greeted by a sigh from the person you left waiting?

Yep. Me too. Getting out of the house on time when you have a little one is sometimes seriously impossible. Why? Well, to get started, here are 10 of our favourite reasons…

Mums with bubs, I’m sure we can all relate to these.

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1.”Because the baby decided he needed to feed… forever.”

A feeding session might normally take you 15 minutes, but when you have somewhere to go, bub always manages to take his sweet time, fiddling with the bottle teat (or your nipple), smiling up at you between gulps and blowing bubbles with his milk rather than actually drinking it.

And, honestly, how can you rush such a sweet moment?

2. “Because I was just spewed on.”

Or pooped on. Take your pick. Some mornings it’s both. Good times.

3. “Because it’s impossible to shower with a squirmy slippery infant.”

Well, it was, until Charli Chair came into existence. If you haven’t discovered Charli Chair, then you really need to. You can literally shower yourself and your baby at the same time in a matter of minutes.

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Enjoy being able to shampoo and condition your hair (with both hands!) safely and easily all the while keeping an eye on your child, interacting with them, letting them enjoy the water and washing the dried up baby spit and the remnants of the morning’s food off their little bottom. No more leaning over the bath and getting a backache!

Shave a few more minutes off your mornings with Schwarzkopf Ultimate Oil Elixir Shampoo and Conditioner  – with nourishing oils and gold particles for frizz free shine without the need to overload on products.

4. “Because the baby just made the cutest face in the world.”

And it required me to urgently take a picture and send it to my partner, my parents and post it on Instagram.

5. “Because I looked in the mirror and almost went into shock.”

That’s what happens when you are up half the night. And getting ready with one hand means it takes twice the amount of time.

charli chair 4

Again, the Charli Chair is a life saver for morning routines as you can easily transport it around the room with you and actually brush your teeth and put make-up on with two hands. Baby can watch as you transform back into a woman after living the life of a vampire night after night.

6. “Because the baby lost his flipping sock.”

Seriously, how can an infant manage to lose a sock when travelling from one room to the car seat?

Every. Single. Time.

7. “And also his dummy.”

It was just in his mouth TWO SECONDS AGO!

8. “Because the boot is full of old clothes that I was planning on donating to the Salvos but forgot to drop off.” 

And therefore the pram didn’t fit, requiring me to rearrange the whole back seat.

9. “Because I needed to pull over on six separate occasions on the way to the city.”

Yes. Six. Because heaven forbid we actually drive from Point A to Point B without bub dropping a toy, needing a feed, spewing all over the seat or making a fuss because the sun is in his eyes.

10. “Because the baby fell asleep as soon as we arrived in the car park.”

And letting him sleep in his car seat for 15 minutes while I sit in silence is my idea of ‘me time.’ One simply does not rush ‘me time’.

Yes, mornings are hectic. And yes, there are probably other ways to get around some of these daily dramas when getting out of the house with your child (like stop buying baby socks!).

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Charli Chair and Schwarzkopf – giving you five minutes to wash your hair and providing a safe way to get both yourself and your baby clean and ready for whatever adventures lie ahead.

(This is a sponsored post for Charli Chair in partnership with Schwarzkopf)


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