“What’s happened?!” 7 thoughts I have when kindy calls

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This morning kindy called to tell me I’d forgotten to pack nappies for my youngest, and would I please drop some down to the centre? It was a friendly conversation with the director but I’ll admit, I was masking the panic I had felt only a moment earlier in my voice.

You see, when the word ‘kindy’ appears as the caller ID on my phone, the same series of thoughts always race through my head – and I bet you know what I’m talking about! 

It goes a little something like this …

1. Oh no! What’s happened?!

My bubbas! What’s happened? Are they hurt? Has there been an emergency? Has someone gone to hospital? * Takes deep breath. Holds heart. Presses green button. Gulp.*

Hospital emergency

2. Are they sick? 

You always jump to the worst case scenario. But maybe one of them is sick? Hmm, Sam did have a sniffle this morning and he was so touchy and whiney. He seemed fine at drop-off though. Did I miss something? Maybe he IS sick? Oh, I’m a bad mum for not realising. Call social services, someone.

3. Oh, but not today!

If he is sick, I will go and pick him up of course, but I have so many deadlines today. Talk about timing. I can’t do this work/life juggle anymore! It’s all too hard. I can’t do a good job at home AND work. 

4. Get your priorities in check!

Kids are number one. Work will understand and if they don’t, it doesn’t matter. Be the mother you want to be – and actually are, give yourself some cred! – not the perfect mum that society makes you feel you have to be. You can’t do it all, all the time, and that’s OK. My little guy! I’m coming, my love!

5. Did I forget something?

Or maybe they are just calling because I forgot to pack a drink bottle or something? Did I pack the drink bottles today? I can’t remember. This morning was such a rush. Probably not. That must be it.

Toddlers painting at daycare

 6. Just answer the damn phone!

The sooner you answer it the sooner you’ll know why they are actually calling. Hit the button already!

7. Oh, nothing to worry about!

See, you need not have stressed out so much. Nappies. You forgot the nappies. Figures. Now, I have to quickly run some down to them. I’ll be late for work, of course, but that’s OK. At least there hasn’t been an emergency.

Okay what’s next? What was I doing again? And where did I put my car keys?

Oh, the mummy brain is in full force today.


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