Shove over Elf on the Shelf – there’s a new Christmas tradition in town

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If you get as excited about Christmas as your kidlets, then you are going to LOVE this!

A new festive tradition is about to take off this year, and we think it may even be as good as the Elf on the Shelf – I know! Exciting.

So what is it? Well, it’s green and prickly and it comes with special present privileges …

Say hello to the pickle on the tree! 

The Christmas pickle is a totally strange modern tradition and yet, it is oddly appealing. Heck, even I want to do the pickle thing after writing this with my family!

So what is it?

Well, it’s simply a Christmas ornament of the quirky vegetable, hidden within the depths of the Christmas tree foliage. 

The Christmas pickle is placed last on the Christmas tree, after all the other baubles and trinkets have been hung. It is done in secret, by the parents, when the kids aren’t looking – see, fun! 

Being green, it is hard to spot on the tree, but if you are the child who does, boy, are you one happy little Christmas elf.  

What does it mean?

Finding the pickle decoration means you are the most ‘observant child’ – according to the tradition, which we’re not entirely sure where it originated from. 

This entitles you to some pretty special present privileges. In some families the pickle finder is given the first gift, in other families, they are given an extra gift, and in others again they get to play Santa and are given the job of handing out the presents to everyone.

In addition, whoever spots the pickle is deemed to have a year of good luck – so yeah, pretty damn special.

Who the heck came up with this idea?

No one really knows, but a quick internet search reveals the tradition may have originated from Germany and is called ‘Weihnachtsgurke’, or Christmas Pickle.

Although we question this seeing as Germans don’t tend to do the pickle thing themselves at Christmas – although many of the pickle on the tree ornaments are imported FROM Germany for people in other countries who, like me, find it oddly amusing.

This article says the Christmas pickle is actually an American tradition, but for some reason, all credit is given to Germany. 

So where can you buy one?

The clever makers at ESTY have jumped on the pickle Christmas trend and have, as usual, come up with some very adorable designs.

We’re loving:

The pickle family 

How cute is this little green family? From ThePickleTreeCrafts

Pickle on the tree - family

The pickle pendant

Pammytail has crafted this very special silver pickle that comes in a box, because you know, special pickle.

The pickle on the tree - pendant

Glassy pickle

Oooh, now this one is pretty! Made of hand-blown glass by LampWorkBench.

Pickle on the tree - glass

Beaded pickle

We love this one because it would be hard to spot in amongst all tree’s green nettles! 

Pickle on the tree - beads

Personalised pickle

You can also get your pickle personalised with your kid’s names on a cute pickle Santa hat. Adorbs! Contact AdornamentsNY.

Pickle on the tree - hat

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