Who’s the boss? 9 celebrity mums and their “side-hustle” businesses

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Side-hustle is defined as something that is NOT your main job, and we’ve realised that a bunch of celebrity mums have a whole lot of double-side-hustle going on, as they juggle motherhood, their OG pre-kids job and an extra career or two. 

Perhaps they actually have a whole side-empire going on?! That seems to better sum things up.

1. Jessica Alba - actor, mother, The Honest Company founder

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Jessica Alba's pivoted her acting career to help launch this hugely successful ethical goods company. The Honest Company had $170 million in sales in 2014. It was then valued at $1.7 billion in 2015.

Yowzers. Possibly NOT a side hustle. Possibly the main game, amiright?!

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