7 things working mums never want to hear in the workplace

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If you’re a mum who works outside the home – as well as inside it! – we guarantee you will have had a few experiences like these in the workplace. Have you been on the receiving end of any of these clangers?

Let’s be honest – for all the professional fulfilment (and money) that we get from our jobs, it’s no longer the carefree experience that work was pre-kids. And some of the comments from co-workers can really rub salt into the wound! 

1. “Oh sorry! That early meeting was cancelled! Didn’t you get the email?”

So glad I came in for it. And – no. I was too busy doing ALL THE THINGS to keep a household of five running to check my email at 10pm, just in case somebody cancelled a meeting.

2. “I just can’t function on only 7 hours of sleep!”

Really? Really?? I can’t even remember the last time I had seven straight hours of sleep. I could run the world on seven hours of sleep.

3. “You look so worn out!”

Do I? Thanks so much. I thought I was doing pretty well actually. You’d probably look worn out too if you’d been up since 5am, done two loads of washing, and packed the kids up for their day all by 7am. Also, I don’t sleep much (see above point).

4. “It must be nice to get away from the house”

Gotta be honest, it IS nice to get away from the house sometimes. But actually, I miss my kids when I’m away! I like them. And it’s not like all my household jobs are going anywhere. They’ll all still be waiting for me when I get back.

5. “I’ve only made it to the gym twice this week, I feel like such a slob!”

No comment. I don’t do the gym anymore. Fortunately, since I never really sit down, I’m probably working off more calories than I used to in my regular life these days anyhow.

6. “Let’s just work this out another day”

No, I don’t work that other day. I work part-time. You know that. That day, I’ll be busy in the playground pushing my kids on swings and trying to stop them burying each other in the sandpit. I don’t want to call in or even email about it then. Let’s just sort it out now.

7. “Who’s up for a spontaneous drink after work? Let’s unwind!”

First, I stopped being spontaneous as soon as my kids arrived. I need at least a week to plan any extracurricular activities these days. Second, unwind?! What does that mean again?



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