Dear Daddy, this is why I love our us time

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Hey Daddy!

Yay, it’s Saturday morning and mum’s going out. I love Saturday morning. It’s daddy time and that’s my favourite thing in the whole gigantic wide world.

I’ve missed you when you’ve been at work this week. I wish I could work too, then I could spend every day with you. But I can’t yet. I’m a big boy who goes to kindy but I still need to grow up. When I do though, I want to be just like you!

So Daddy, this is why I am super dooper excited to spend some time with you this morning.

I love us

I can’t wait to go out with you. I know I usually give mum grief over brushing my teeth but I think I’ll do a quick but good job so we can goooo! See, look how sparkly they are?!

I’m so excited because you make me smile. I love being your ‘best buddy’ and your ‘little mate’. You are my best buddy too. But you are also MY daddy. And that is even better.

When it’s just you and me, we can be us. I love my family and doing things together, like going to the beach to play diggers and dump trucks, but daddy time with you is special. Like rainbow coloured feathers. So cool! 

I know this morning we are going to laugh at silly things that mum just won’t get. When you strap me into my car seat, you’ll tickle me and get me all pumped for our adventure.

Then when driving in the car we’ll play the ‘ridiculous game’. The one where you ask me what my favourite colour is and when I say “red,” you’ll say your’s is “barbeque”! I love that game! You are so funny, Daddy.

Dad pushing kids on swing

I love how you play with me

I know that when we get to the playground that I’ll have a playmate. You’ll zoom down the slippery slides with me and do your chin up thingies on the monkey bars. We’ll hop over rocks together and you’ll make me laugh with your kung fu moves when pushing me on the swing.

If I fall over and scrape my knee — which I hope I don’t, that hurts — but if I do I know you’ll cuddle me. I love your big bear hugs and being wrapped up in your strong arms. You make me feel safe, and I like your smell. It’s just a daddy smell. It’s you. I also like the scratchy feel of your face on mine. I’ll sit there for a bit in your arms, but you’ll make me feel better and then we’ll get back to playing!   

Then when it’s time to go, I know you’ll scoop me up so I don’t have to walk. You might even carry me on your shoulders and then I will be taller than you! That is really, really tall.  

father with baby

I love how you treat me

After the playground I know you’ll take me out for a babycino. I’ll be a good boy because I also know you’ll buy me some banana bread. I love those butter sachets.

You’ll give yourself a ‘milk moustache’ just like me and I’ll say you look like Santa. You are so funny, Daddy!

When we get home I’ll be so happy to see Mummy, I love her too, but for the rest of the day I think I’ll have daddy glue. After I have a nap, I want to come with you to the shops. I want to do EVERYTHING with you today. Spending time with you Daddy, is my favourite thing! It’s the best. I even love it more than Spiderman.

I love you x


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