You’ll love the blinking ADORABLE trend Emma Wiggle is inspiring

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You might not have seen this coming, but Emma Watkins – aka Emma Wiggle – is nothing if not a trend-setter!

Inspired by Emma

As The Wiggles fans bravely come to terms with Emma and Lachy’s split, we thought it might be a brilliant idea to switch gears and focus on the lovely yellow Wiggle’s professional talents. Imagine that?!

Not only does Emma inspire a whole bunch of fashion trends – hello yellow skivvies, swirly skirts and all of the pretty bows – she’s got kids very keen to brush up on their dance skills. Emma’s an accomplished Irish dancer, and now her little fans are keen to follow in her high-kicking footsteps.

When Emma shared a photo of herself and fellow competitors at her state’s dance competition, followers went nuts for her costume (and knees!) and admitted she’d inspired their own littlies to take up the hobby.

“Had a lovely day yesterday at the NSW State Irish Dancing Championships watching so many dancers dance their best,” Emma posted. “What an honour to receive 7th in Senior Ladies and see our good friend Morgan dance so beautifully and be awarded champion!! Well done to everyone.”

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“An amazing role model”

Followers piped up quickly, thanking Emma for being a brilliant example to their kids.

“My 7-year-old daughter competed in her first state comp a couple of weeks ago and came 7th too. You are the reason she started Irish dancing when she was only 4,” one posted.

“I just started looking into classes today for my daughter who turns two in Nov, you should see her give it a go. Thank you for all the light you share and congrats!” another said.

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On our way to IRELAND!!!! ☘☘☘

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Scrolling back through Emma’s photos, it’s clear that lots of littlies are starting dance lessons in response to her Wiggly yellow talent.

“My daughter started Irish dancing at 5 and my youngest will start next year at 4. They love watching your Irish dance on Emma,” a follower commented.

“Thanks for inspiring many little girls and guys to dance!! And adding to my daughter’s love of dance,” another wrote.

“You’re such an amazing role model for my daughter!” someone else gushed.

“You radiate light and goodness and true beauty,” another follower confirmed.

Perhaps your child has been inspired by Emma, and you’re keen to look into Irish dancing for your little one? The Australian Irish Dancing Association has a brilliant state-by-state list of dance schools on their website so there’s no excuse not to kick up your heels and get your kiddo’s sparkle on!

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