How to make a Gruffalo paper bag puppet

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“A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood …”

If your kidlets love The Gruffalo as much as my son and his little buddy do, then you have to make this Gruffalo puppet bag with them. I did it the other day with my boy and he loved it.

It’s so easy and you probably have everything you need to make it already.

Here’s what to do:

You’ll need

  • Paper bag
  • Orange, green, white and brown paper
  • Black marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors 

Gruffalo puppet supplies

Step 1

Cut out:

  • 2 x circles for eyes using the orange paper.
  • 2 x teddy-like ears using the brown paper.
  • 1 x small circle using the green paper (this will be the Gruffalo’s nose wart).
  • Teeth (2 x pointy fangs and 5 x square teeth) and horns (think devil horns) using the white paper.

The Gruffalo puppet step 2

Now it’s time to make a Gruffalo!

Leon and Isabella

Step 2

Using the glue, ask your child to stick on the Gruffalo’s eyes. Then draw on pupils using the marker.

The Gruffalo puppet - eyes

Step 3

Draw the Gruffalo’s ‘face’ – this is just his eyebrows, nose, smile and his black tongue. The more simple your Gruffalo’s face looks, the better. He’s not very smart after all! 

The Gruffalo puppet - draw

Step 4

Get the kids to glue on the Gruffallo’s wart at the end of his nose, ears, horns and teeth. Then ask them to colour in an upside down ‘U’ in the Gruffalo’s ears using the marker. 

The Gruffalo puppet


“Grrr, I’m a Gruffalo, quick RUNNN!”


Leon with Gruffalo puppet

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