50 things all parents must do with their kids before they grow up

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We’ve all heard of a bucket list – things you want to accomplish before you kick the bucket. The team at Babyology got together and designed our own version of the “bucket list” – things to do with the kids before they grow up. Have a read through our list and let us know what we have missed.


Our children are only little for such a short time. And there is nothing better about being a parent than getting to act like a kid again. So before you send them off to discover the world on their own, take some time to enjoy their childhood… and relive yours. Here’s our list of 50 things you must do before the kids grow up.

1. Swim in the freezing ocean, in the middle of winter.

2. Ride push bikes on the beach.

3. Jump on a trampoline with them until you pee yourself (weeing your pants is optional, but possibly unavoidable, especially if you’ve popped out a few kids!).

4. Indulge in a spa day treat with each of them.

5. Invest in nice family photos before their baby teeth fall out (or before you need to buy them braces).


6. Collect seashells on the beach.

7. Play “I Spy” on a road trip.

8. Brave the Santa line-up at the shops and get your photo taken with Santa, in matching outfits. Bonus points if everyone in the picture is screaming in terror.

9. Introduce them to your old favourite family movie classics.

10. Take a walk in a real rainforest and look for fairies (or head out into the outback and hunt for dinosaur tracks).

11. Enjoy a backyard campout, complete with a bonfire and marshmallows to toast.

12. Ride the scariest roller coaster at the theme park with them by your side. And don’t shut your eyes.

13. Host a doona day, where you snuggle under blankets, watch movies and wear your pjs all day.

14. Ask them to give their old toys to a charity or help those who are less fortunate.

15. Take an overseas holiday together (and brave the long airplane ride).

16. Go to the beach in the dark. Hunt for crabs with torches, or go for a late night swim if it’s safe enough.

17. Get a family pet.

18. Go to the drive-in.


19. Plant a veggie garden, water it, harvest it and then use the produce to cook something spectacular.

20. Visit Disneyland… or another theme park that will prove to them that magic does exist.

21. Host a family board games night.

22. Have a midnight feast by candlelight.

23. Ring in the New Year together (and then send the kids straight to bed!).

24. Make something as a team. My husband and son recently made a go-cart together – it is a memory both of them will cherish forever.

25. Sleep under the stars.

26. Take a road trip holiday.

27. Visit another country where English is not the first language.


28. Frolic in the snow.

29. Prank them with the ultimate April Fools Day trick.

30. Take your children on mummy-child dates, separately.

31. Learn something new together.

32. Jump in muddy puddles.

33. Give them “the talk.”

34. Let them eat ice cream for breakfast (just once is fine).


35. Do a farm stay.

36. Throw them a surprise party.

37. Tell ghost stories.

38. Do family karaoke.

39. Take them to a sporting event – and cheer for the home team.

40. Volunteer to be a parent helper at their school.

41. Take a class together.

42. Compete in a fun run together.

43. Climb a mountain.

44. Look for wildlife in the wild (not at the zoo).

45. Camp on the beach.

46. Go through old photo albums of when you were a child and before you had kids (maybe leave out the Contiki tour around Europe album though).

47. Play with them (every day).

raising boys one

48. Bake cookies.

49. Decorate the Christmas tree – in July!

50. Read a book series together.

How many can you tick off the list so far? And will you make time for the rest? I certainly will! Make sure you also check out our 50 greatest moments in motherhood.



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