New Olli Ella Bumpettes – an alternative to a cot bumper

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olli ella bumpettes not a cot bumper

Australia has been at the forefront of SIDS awareness for many years now. Cot bumpers are largely eschewed here while awareness is only beginning to spread in other parts of the world.

When Olli Ella launched its range in Australia, it was aware that bumpers were rarely used by parents here, but what to do about the problem of baby’s limbs sometimes getting caught in cot rails and ending in waking? What to do about solving this problem in a way that was aesthetically pleasing yet still allowed the airflow that’s needed around a baby in a cot?

cot bumper air circulation

Enter the Olli Ella Bumpettes! Only just released, they coordinate with the lush Olli Ella bedding ranges and are simple to wrap around your cot’s bars and help minimise those 3am wakings. Take them on holidays with you – they simply wrap around two or three of the cot’s bars and fasten using strong velcro.

Available in Piccoli, Posey and Poppet designs ($62 for six Bumpettes), these are a great and very pretty addition to your nursery. See also the SIDS and Kids safe sleeping guidelines.


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