The best night lights to help little ones sleep tight – a Babyology roundup

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When it comes to sleeping well, the ambient glow of a night light can make a world of difference – but functional can also mean fabulous. We have rounded up some of our favourite night light designs for the contemporary kids room.

The Giant Unicorn Lamp (above) by Smoko is full of wow-factor. At 51cm tall, this is a lamp little kids can look in the eye – or hug, naaaw. It has sixteen colour options with several different modes that can all be controlled with a remote. Also available in a smaller 12cm version. Get one of each to start your own luminous unicorn family! The big guy is priced at US$125 while the smaller one is US$15.

Electric Confetti

For a brighter style option, these cool neon designs from Electric Confetti will make the nursery really pop. This eclectic electric selection comes from the creative mind of Melbourne-based designer Natalie Jarvis. From giant rainbow ice-creams to sparkling unicorns plus they welcome custom orders too so you can literally see your child’s name up in lights. Dimmer switches make light levels just right for sleep time.

Heavenly Creatures night lights

Downright adorable and stylishly minimalist, Heavenly Creatures night lights are aptly named. From kewpie dolls and unicorns to a snarling t-rex or a sweet scotty dog, there are a range of cute characters available. They are also battery operated, so no need to worry about cord safety and they can come with you on holidays! Find the full range for just $25 each at Raw Space.

Djeco snow globe night light

Okay – stop the press – this snow globe night light is cuteness overload. Not only does it circulate the glitter or snow without shaking thanks to an inbuilt fan, but they also light up in a variety of rainbow colours. Plus there is a super handy timer that will turn off the light after 45 minutes. Perfect if you have a fussy sleeper that needs the light on to get settled, but then gets woken up by the same light they cannot sleep without (or is that just me?). Made by fabulous French brand Djeco, they have a great range for boys and girls priced around $59 each. Worth the extra because these could easily become a beloved family keepsake.

leal lightbox

I am in love with these wooden lightboxes with interchangeable glass fronts. A uniquely different and stylishly understated decor idea. The best part is that the makers at Leal specialise in bespoke. Choose a special message or perhaps the name of your little loved one, then specify fonts, colours, and size to create something truly special. Prices start at €80, plus shipping.


Tulipop make beautiful decor items based on their enchanting characters like Bubble the Mushroom. Their night lights have a warm, soft glow that perfectly suit a baby’s room while the engaging, magical characters make fun companions for older kids. Made in Iceland, these lamps are priced from £49 and are happily shipped worldwide.

K-Mart kids lighting

If you’re looking for something closer to home, there is an excellent variety of fun lighting ideas for walls and bedside at K-Mart. I’m especially fond of this cute cloud night light for only $5 and this sweet-as-sugar soft serve lamp for $9. Both are battery operated, making them portable and free of the fuss that comes with making cords safe in the nursery. You’ll appreciate being able to tuck a night light into the suitcase for sleepovers at nanas or family holidays away.

Goodnight Light

If vintage is your jam then look no further than the groovy retro range from Goodnight Light. Vinyl moulded lamps in neat-o shapes such as paper boats, kewpie bunny dolls, pineapples, and more. Cute and kitsch, Goodnight Light lamps come in a variety of colours and are priced from $160.

Le Petit M

We all know night time can be scary for kids and there are two things you need at that point – a light to chase off the dark, and a cuddle to chase off the fears. Thankfully, Le Petit M have come up with a brilliant glowing cushion that can offer both. With beautiful moon, owl, lightbulb, and ghost shapes made from soft jersey cotton these must be the cosiest of night lights. You can snuggle in to one for $59 and over with free shipping across Australia.

Helco night light

Last on our night light round up list are these darling animal lamp designs from Helco. Lifelike creatures that have a warm inner glow as they watch over your sleeping child, including an Australian cockatoo, a pretty pug, and a cool watermelon slice. Local stockists Treetop Toy Shop have a great selection with prices starting at $140 and can post to anywhere in Australia.


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