Laikonik’s Once-a-Year Book – the easy way to record your child’s precious moments

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Hands up if my story is familiar to you: My daughter is almost two years old and I still haven’t managed to fill in the lovely milestones book I was given when she was born. If you’re in the same boat, I have the perfect product for us! This sweet Once-A-Year Book from Laikonik requires little effort and offers much reward. Plus, it looks so lovely that you’ll be displaying it on your coffee table for years to come.

The unique Once-A-Year journal chronicles a child’s life from birth to adulthood. Each year, you simply stick one photo on the front and document milestones from that year on the back. It’s as easy as that. Brilliant!

There are two kinds of hand-bound books – the original fabric style (pictured above and originally featured on Babyology back in 2008) and the special edition letter press style (below and up top), which has illustrations by Melbourne-based artist Laura Blythman. Each comes with an accompanying ‘chatter’ book for you to document all the funny things said over the years.

Laikonik once-a-year journal special edition

The special edition book, in particular, is an absolutely perfect gift if you have somebody ready to pop and are looking for gift ideas. It comes in a wooden keepsake box with letterpress designs in either owl or fox, and has just been released in a new mint colour (shown at the top of this post).

Laikonik itself is a small paper and textile studio in Bondi Beach producing Australian made products for mums and bubs. It sells everything from tea towels and scarfs to art prints and hangers. And it’s all really unique. Head to Laikonik to purchase your Once-a-Year Book and take a look at everything else too. The original fabric book design is $80 and the special edition version is $85.


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