Keep kids in bed longer with the Bacookie clock

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child alarm clock

Ah sleep, it evades so many of us in early parenthood, it’s a wonder we ever survive. I’m in the midst of sleep deprivation again with my new baby. After a long hiatus, it’s a bit of a shock and I’ll be aiming to get my full night of snooze back as early as possible.

I’m liking the look of this clock by Bacookie, which is only a concept at this stage. My middle son used to get up at five in the morning and be raring to go, with mummy and daddy most certainly not open to this idea.

child clock

Kids simply wake, look at the clock and if the bed is illuminated, it’s not time to get up. They can get up when the human figure lights up. Whether they ignore it or not is another thing altogether. When they’re old enough to read the time, there’s a regular digital display on the other side of the clock. Loving it!

Because this one isn’t available yet, and of course you may be needing it now, check out the Gro Clock we wrote about.

(via Weird Creative)

child clock


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