Is it a bean bag? Is it a bed? No, it’s a Bag2Bed

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Living in a two bedroom unit where space is at a premium, sleepovers for more than one are hard to accommodate, let alone family visits from overseas. So I’m loving this great new Australian invention.

Bag2Bed is the brainchild of two Melbourne mums, who came up with this truly innovative product after a barbecue with friends prompted a discussion on how to provide sleeping arrangements for lots of tired kids.

The end product of that discussion is this useful creation – a comfy beanbag by day, it easily transforms into a mattress by night. No more having to blow up beds, pull out trundles or convert sofa beds, this is functional furniture at its best.

Filled with a special foam (no danger of millions of little polystyrene balls spilling out all over the place), they come in four different sizes, from kids to king.

Converting from a bag to a bed and back again looks pretty straightforward on the demonstration, and with a variety of fabrics and colours to choose from, I’m really interested in this. I almost bought a traditional beanbag for my girls last month and am so glad I didn’t, because this now tops the list for the next furniture buy. I also like that this is a completely Australian-made product from start to finish.

Prices start at $399 for the smallest Bag2Bed, up to $699 for the king-size plus shipping costs. Available direct from Wayfair.

Bag2Bed beanbag mattress



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