These irreverent oven mitts reveal parents’ innermost thoughts

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Who knew your oven mitt was a passive aggressive opportunity just waiting to happen?! Or even an aggressive-aggressive opportunity, truth be told …

Funny because it’s true

These oven mitts take those thoughts that are swirling inside your head and put them to good use, smack bang in a helpful kitchen accessory.

No more do you have to feel misunderstood or unsupported as you yank that bubbling casserole from the oven. Now you can do it safely in the knowledge that even if nobody else understands you, this 100 per cent cotton, super-insulated mitt might just be your long-lost soulmate.

Prints are retro or boldly illustrated and canny observations upon them range from “I love my asshole kids” to “I’ll feed all you f*ckers!”

Funny oven mitts

Bitches Get Stuff Done Oven Mitt
I Love My Asshole Kids Oven Mitt
Most Likely to Microwave Oven Mitt


Funny oven mitts

 Droppin’ A New Recipe On Your Ass Oven Mitt
I’ve Got A Knife Oven Mitt
I’ll Feed All You F*ckers Oven Mitt


Funny mitts

I Hate Everyone Too Oven Mitt
My Favorite Salad Is Wine Oven Mitt 
I’m Beautiful and I Eat A Lot Oven Mitt

These oven mitts retail for a tick over $18 and these and many more are available at Always Fit (who ship internationally, folks! Phew!)

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