Ikea Strandmon armchair as a nursing chair? We say yes!

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Ikea Strandmon nursing chair babies newborn

Most people assume when a third child comes along, that a lot will be re-used from the first two. But what if you never bought that dream nursing chair and endured many hours of stiff neck and aching back? What if that cot got beaten around so much and the safety standards changed between children?

All of this happened to me. With a five-and-a-half year age gap between my middle and youngest sons, we had off-loaded a lot. The two things I insisted on for my third baby was a comfy nursing chair and a new cot. The cot was a no-brainer because I have wanted the Ubabub Pod cot since I first clapped eyes on it. So that was my meagre budget mostly used up, now what was I to do for a nursing chair?

Enter the Ikea Strandmon wing chair. At $399, it was worth a bit of a gamble. I loved its looks, it felt super-comfy and I imagined it would make a great nursing chair with its high back and firm cushioning. But you don’t really know this until you’re sitting in it with a newborn, doing the long-haul hours of feeding.

The only reason you’re reading this right now is that it came up trumps – we don’t write about anything we don’t think is worthwhile at Babyology. The wings… oh those wings on which to rest my weary head. I love them!

I do need a European pillow at the back for correct positioning but that’s no biggie. I’m 169cm tall, so anyone my height or shorter will need that buffer so the feet are on the floor. It’s a small price to pay for a chair that will stick around in an armchair capacity long after the feeding days are over. You can get one in grey or pretty blue velvet.

The Ikea Strandmon wing chair is a remake of the original MK wing chair which can be found on the cover of this year’s Ikea catalogue. I do recommend you get to a store if you can to try it for yourself, because chair comfort can be an individual thing. Oh and a tip – it makes for a gorgeous photography prop, keeping all those kids still in the one chair for a photo is a beautiful thing!

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