Electric Confetti – light the kid’s rooms in neon!

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Let’s be honest, nothing says fun quite like a flash of neon and when its brightness is highlighted – literally – in an LED light fashion, I can’t clear a wall space quick enough.


It’s easy to coin Electric Confetti as a master in the LED neon field, with a style reminiscent of the vintage advertising vibe, bringing a superb pop of fun and brilliant colour to your decor in spades.


Melbourne based designer Natalie Jarvis knows how to bring fun to your space with fantastic neon LED designs including my brightly coloured favourites, You Are My Sunshine ($249), What’s Your Flavour ($589) and the collaborative works with bedding giant Kip & Co, the Kip & Co x Electric Confetti Banana ($895). If you have an idea you’d love to see come to light – your child’s name, for example – Electric Confetti welcomes custom works!

customised neon name light

All neon lights are plugged straight into a power socket, omitting the need for constantly replacing batteries, which can only be a good thing. And they don’t get hot to the touch, so they’re safe for the nursery and kids’ rooms. You can even get a dimmer switch to turn things down at bedtime, so your lovely neon lamp can be ┬ánot-so-bright night light.

electric confetti 2 unicorn neon light

To see the whole range of lights, up in lights, head to Electric Confetti.


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