DockATot – a safe place for babies to sleep, play or chill

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Sleeping with a baby in my bed has become the (uncomfortable) norm for me. I remember when I first brought my daughter home after having her, thinking she would sleep in her bassinet. Ha! Was I in dreamland? With my son, I knew better, a co sleeper was essential. Not only did it give me piece of mind knowing he was sleeping safe and sound but it also helped with the tiring midnight feeds. If baby number three ever comes to stay, then this is definitely an item for my nursery checklist. 



The DockATot is a multi-functional lounging, playing, sleeping and snuggling dock for baby that you can take anywhere. This cocoon of comfort which mimics a mother’s womb will feel just like home for your little bundle and is the perfect place for you to feed, soothe and bond with your baby. Created in Sweden with every detail carefully examined, ensuring the highest quality of breathability, non-toxicity, comfort and convenience. DockATot understand the importance of nurturing a baby’s need for a comfortable and a calm environment which is why this product will become one of your essential baby items.


The DockATot Deluxe (US$185) is for little ones aged from birth to eight months. Let your baby lounge about, have some supervised tummy time or even a nappy change all while feeling like they’re on cloud nine. Lightweight and portable and easy to move from room to room or take out and about. And, then of course, use it to create a safe and secure sleep space for baby, whether in your bed or their own. Rest peacefully at night knowing your baby is close by, safe and sleeping, well, like a baby.


These marvellous creations aren’t just for newborn babies, the DockAtot Grand(US$290) for littlies aged nine to 36 months is also an option. Cuddle, play, lounge, rest and most importantly it is perfect for helping your tot transition into their big kid bed, with built-in air permeable bumpers that will help your little one feel safe and secure. Ideal for a night spent at the grandparents’ house or on holiday allowing your babe to chill out anytime, anywhere.


Not only do they provide them with a place to rest and play, it can also help to prevent your baby from getting a flat spot, thanks to the mattress’ soft thermobonded fiber wadding plate which relieves the pressure from their head. Another major benefit that makes all the difference to longer sleep for your baby is that the DockATot can help prevent the startle reflex due to the unique shape of the dock as well as its positioning of the sides and cushioning effects. We all know babies are messy, from puking newborns to food smooshing toddlers. That’s why I love that the DockATot has a fully removable, machine washable cover making it easy to clean.

These hypoallergenic docks are available online from DockATot where you can also shop for additional covers to match your style.


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