Winter is coming: 10 smart ways to reduce those pricey power bills

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If the thought of opening your electricity bill is giving you the willies, especially when winter is on the way, join us for a bit of a stock-take of your energy saving habits. 

There are lots of ways you can cut the cost of your power bill, it just means being a little more aware of a few lifestyle habits and making a plan to save – and stay cosy – for the long term. Let us show you how …

1. Heat yourself, not the room

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Dress for the weather and put a jumper on, rather than popping the heater on. The same goes for your kids. Don't have them playing in the living room in a t-shirt and jeans with the heater blasting. Just add a jumper and turn that heater down - or off, even!

Heated blankets are a cosy way to stay warm when you're watching a movie or having story time - and adequate bedding will keep them - and you - toasty warm at night.

Grown-ups can make the most of hot water bottles to cosy up their day, too.


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