Bunk extravaganza – the best bunk beds on the planet!

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Uffizi bunk beds

There’s an exciting design opportunity to be had when you’re considering one piece of furniture to sleep two people. It becomes almost an architectural feat to arrange two beds in a super-attractive way, using materials which are not only hardy but swoonworthy.

I’ve been looking for double bunk beds for a few years now, starting when my second son was born and my eldest begged me to let them share a room some day. I’m a guidelines kind of gal though and we’ll be waiting a few more years so son number one can safely sleep on the top bunk. Let’s just say that all of these beauties featured previously on Babyology will be making my shortlist… making it, ahem, not such a short list.

We know the orange and brown Argington Uffizi (US$1850) up there will be a hit with Babyologists, just as the black and white version was. It’s almost like a room with windows which kids will just adore, and with the modern lines that you love.

Scoop bunk beds

The Lilly and Lolly flagship store is tantalisingly close to where I live and I have already dreamed of the day I will walk in and order the Scoop (from $2850). I wrote about this contemporary masterpiece in September 2009 when we had the exclusive on its release, and it hasn’t been far from my thoughts since. Available now are co-ordinating drawers and a desk.

Pluunk bunk beds

Hailing from Canada and costing CAN$4400, the cleverly-named Pluunk Bunk is a fantasy bed for most of us. We’re all about the most covetable design at Babyology, wherever it sits on the price spectrum and we think you’ll agree this is well worth a gawk or two. It offers 360 degree beauty as it’s designed to be gorgeous from whatever angle you look at it. Perfect for that huge Manhattan loft I will own one day! Available from Inquisitive Kid.

Duc Duc Austin bunk beds

Built-in bookcases and underbed drawers are the options a parent dreams of in a bunk bed and the stunning Duc Duc Austin (US$2475) sure fits the bill. We featured it in July 2007 when it went by the name of Crosby. You’ll also love Duc Duc’s modular offering below – the Alex bunk system (from US$4345) – which can be bunk or loft, whatever you choose!

Duc Duc Alex bunk bed

Minimondo bunk beds

The Mimondo brings a completely unique form to the bunk bed world with its wave-like structure. This kind of design points to an exciting future in double-decker sleeping.

Below we have the low-lying, lovely Perludi’s Amber In The Sky bunk. Gorgeously proportioned with a stout stature, you can’t beat it for style and functionality. The good news is that Kids Love Design still ship it internationally!

Amber In The Sky bunk beds

Nurseryworks Duet bunk beds

Here’s one which hasn’t been featured on Babyology before. The Duet Bunk Bed is made by one of our favourite furniture brands Nurseryworks and it has storage for two busy kids all sorted. Nurseryworks furniture recently arrived in Australia so let’s hope the bunks filter through to us too! You can buy an optional trundle and the bunk can be used as two beds with the conversion kit as an optional extra. It’s priced from US$3400.

Joe Luker bunk beds

The last two beds are designed by Joe Luker and as far as we know, are concepts at this stage. The phenomenal design is memorable and even though the Roto (below) has a rather spartan appearance, it would be an awesome space-saver in a cosy apartment. I also love his bunk bed concept (above) with the curved built-in desk.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your journey to bunk heaven. We sure have!

Joe Luker bunk beds 2


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